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      Cortadoras recargables, sin cable

      When it's time to mow the lawn, cordless rechargeable mowers are the way to go. They are much quieter compared to gas-powered push and tractor mowers, and they can easily finish an average-sized yard on one battery charge. If you prefer not to deal with rechargeable batteries, take a closer look at the cortadoras de césped eléctricas that Sears carries. Remington, Power Smart and Snapper manufacture excellent appliances that you simply plug into your outlet. Is it not time that you take the old gas-guzzling contraption to the dump?

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      Choose cordless rechargeable mowers as an eco-friendly solution

      Cordless rechargeable mowers prove beneficial if you plan to cut the grass and reduce your carbon footprint. Sears has a full selection of rechargeable mowers that never require oil or gas, and they provide enough power to cut a 1/3-acre in a single charge. With Black & Decker cordless models, you have the freedom to mow the lawn without the restriction from cords. We also have Remington 3-in-1 cordless mowers available that cut, mulch and discharge the grass clippings.

      Combine electric removedores de hierba with cordless mowers for an effective and eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered lawn equipment. Thatch buildup occurs when mulch and dead weeds intertwine with living grass. The resulting thatch prevents the grass roots from receiving water and nutrients, which in turn kills the surrounding grass. Use a Craftsman electric dethatcher to remove the thatch from your lawn and to improve the look of the grass. An electric dethatcher provides similar power when compared to a gas-powered model, yet the electric dethatcher doesn't require tune-ups and plugs into any standard 120-volt electrical outlet. Sun Joe also offers electric dethatchers that include on-board baggers for collecting the thatch.

      While a cordless mower has a lightweight design, you still have to operate it manually when cutting the grass. In order to keep your lawn short and even, consider using robotic rechargeable mowers in between cuttings. The robotic mower operates freely, and it has a sensor that directs it throughout the yard. Robomow rechargeable mowers quietly cut the grass, and they have manual controllers if you choose to direct the unit in specific areas of your yard. The robotic mower's sensor automatically stops the blade from spinning if the unit tilts on its side.

      Eléctrico self-propelled lawn mowers work well if you want to minimize your effort when cutting the grass. You also have access to gas-powered models that offer 140cc to 530cc engine sizes and with rear- or front-wheel drives. Self-propelled lawn mowers have adjustable cutting decks up to 54 inches wide, which cut more area with each pass. Craftsman 190cc self-propelled mowers have powerful Briggs & Stratton motors with ReadyStart technology. EZ Baggers provide effortless options when removing the bags and emptying the grass clippings, and the 12-inch-high wheels help you maneuver easily over flat and uneven terrain.

      Choose a cordless rechargeable mower when you want a cleaner alternative to gas-powered mowers. Use a dethatcher to remove unwanted thatch and weed clumps from your lawn, and invest in a robotic rechargeable mower to keep your lawn cut evenly without any effort on your part. Come to Sears for the biggest inventory of name brand lawn mowers and affordable lawn-care supplies for your home.


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