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Up to 30% off Super Buys

La oferta puede variar en la tienda. Applies to items sold by Sears.  Savings range from 5% to 30%. Estos descuentos se calculan sobre el precio de compra de los artículos, menos los descuentos y cupones, sin incluir impuestos, instalación o entrega. Colores, conectores, conector para máquina para hacer hielo e instalación extra.


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Entrega estándar local gratis en electrodomésticos desde $399. Se aplica a artículos vendidos por Sears. La oferta puede variar en la tienda. El descuento se muestra en la facturación. El servicio de entrega estándar incluye las entregas dentro del área local y las entregas que no requieren servicios ni tiempo adicionales. El valor minorista de la entrega local estándar es de $69.99. El cliente debe pagar una tarifa por entrega no convencional. Las áreas locales y los cargos por entrega no convencional varían. No incluye accesorios, refrigeradores empotrables, refrigeradores compactos, calentadores de agua, desmineralizadores, filtros de agua, cuidado de pisos, máquinas de coser, calefactores, humidificadores, ventiladores ni limpiadores de aire. Oferta no válida para órdenes hechas en tiendas locales de Sears, centros de venta, ferreterías o en tiendas de exposición de electrodomésticos.

Applies to orders over $399 | see details

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Customize Cooking Space with Attractive Cooktops

Food preparation is much easier when you're happy with your kitchen space. Choosing the right cooking surfaces and appliances creates a customized kitchen that can handle whatever culinary experiments you get into. Cooking a variety of dishes requires reliable, multi-functional appliances that are made to stand up to years of use. From cooktops to wall ovens, Sears has everything you need to build a fully functional kitchen space.

Cooking appliance bundles are a quick way to get started on a new kitchen setup. You can choose from many different styles and combinations to find what best fits your needs. Simple sets include a microwave, bundles of utensils and food storage containers to get you started. These sets also make a good complement to kitchens that already have larger appliances. If you're looking for something more extensive, try cooking bundles that offer both cooktops and wall ovens. Some sets combine the convenience of an electric oven with the superior control of a gas cooktop. In others, both components are electric. Dual ovens offer twice the cooking space, allowing you to prepare more than one dish at a time at different temperatures. Choose from black, white or stainless steel for an attractive, balanced kitchen style.

For a gourmet cooking experience, take a look at the many types of estufas available. Free standing and slide-in models are the most recognizable, built to fit into both standard and open-plan kitchens. Drop-in ranges sit between counters, making them preferable in smaller kitchen spaces. Ranges also offer you a choice of cooking method such as gas, electric, convection or induction. Dual fuel ranges let you cook over gas burners but bake in an electric oven. If you tend to cook elaborate meals, you may want to look into a double oven range that can handle the preparation of multiple courses. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, ranges can be incorporated into any kitchen area.

The convenience of hornos de pared makes them a good choice if your kitchen is on the small side. These oven models mount directly into your kitchen wall for a smooth look that saves space. Like ranges, wall ovens are available in both electric and gas models. Choose a single oven for daily dinners or dual ovens to handle more complex meals. Some wall ovens come with a microwave, giving you two handy appliances in one compact space. No matter what the size of your kitchen, wall ovens can help make food preparation go more smoothly.

Taking the time to cook meals from scratch gives you control over exactly what you feed your family. With the right appliances, you can easily create gourmet meals in your own kitchen. Shop Sears for a large selection of cooking surfaces, ovens and more to complete your at-home culinary experience.