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      When it comes to standby generators, Sears has you covered. Sears' selection includes first-rate options from Briggs and Stratton, Reusable Revolution, Winco and Generac standby generators, plus many more. Many different designs and configurations are available, including air-cooled standby generators and liquid-cooled standby generators. Take your pick from generators that feature up to 45KW of power. Prices couldn't be lower, so shop Sears today.

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      Home standby generators: keep your lights on and your house warm with a home standby generator

      You've stocked up on emergency supplies like canned food, bottled water, pala para quitar nieve and fuel for severe weather emergencies. Now it's time to go the next step in staying prepared with a home standby generator from Sears. Keeping your home appliances running in the event of a power outage is a vital part of keeping your family safe and comfortable. Sears offers a variety of standby generators to protect you and your family in times of need.

      If yours is a family with small children, you'll appreciate the peace of mind that a standby generator provides. You will no longer have to worry about your children's health in hot or cold weather. Also, everyone will appreciate the ability to be able to cook meals, provide adequate lighting and keep food supplies safe from spoiling.

      Of course, when it comes to being prepared for severe weather, backup power is only half the story. You might still need to clear your property of winter debris and snow, but not to worry, because Sears has you covered. Shop our selection of the best snow blowers to keep your driveways and sidewalks clear when the power goes out. Electric snow blowers offer an easy start with the push of a button, but in the event of a blackout Craftsman or Toro gas snow blowers which can operate independently of an electricity source might be a safer bet.

      If you have a home with a lot of electronic equipment, a generator can provide a level of protection from dangerous power surges that can damage your stereos, televisions and gaming systems. Consider it an extra insurance policy to keep your home and its contents as safe as possible.

      Remember to also consider the fuel source when choosing a new generator. Many generators operate on propane gas but some also use diesel or other fuel sources. Generator power cords, replacement parts and accesorios para generadores can also be purchased at your local Sears store. To keep your generator in perfect condition, you will also want to keep it protected from the elements, excess dirt and insects with a generator cover.

      For buildings larger than a single family home, more powerful commerical generators are needed to keep the power flowing for critical applications like servers, life support equipment and traffic control stations. Disaster-proof your hospital, retirement home or data center with a heavy-duty commercial generator from Sears.


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