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      Teach kids skills of tomorrow with tech toys

      Kids love tech toys and willingly play with them for hours as they learn skills that prepare them for the high tech world of tomorrow. Give the little ones ages 6 and up a cute little Furby stuffed toy. Furby has its own language but also responds to voice and music. Sears has many tech toys that assist youngsters with learning and reading skills. Start up a home education library of DVD and CD creative lessons that are easy for kids to understand. Leapster, Leap Frog, School Zone Publishing and other companies have high tech games and teaching toys for children of all ages, including babies. Give the kids a head start into the high tech world they will grow up in with our tech toys. Once they have basic computer skills, it is time to get them tablet computers. They can view PDF files and movies or play games on affordably-priced name brand personal tablets from Sears. Put them in touch with the latest tablet computer technology from Samsung, Google Android, Apple and others and watch them learn. The kids will love downloading their favorite apps, surfing the web and doing many advanced operations on these small tech wonders.

      Spur creative thinking when you give kids our gaming books. They will have a natural interest in learning more about their favorite gaming heroes and how to win video games. Kids play for hours with friends who also enjoy adventure board games and scenario books about their favorite video games like Dungeons and Dragons and War at Sea. These are a step up from the simpler board games parents grew up playing. Today the kids want action and adventure, thrills and fantasy. Our gaming books for role playing and skill games give them a needed break from video game playing while they still improve gaming skills.

      Reading books and playing with our tech toys brings kids hours of fun, but we also have many gaming magazines for every interest at Sears. The kids can read about their favorite comic book heroes and learn how illustrators work to make fictional heroes movie stars in Sketch or Illustrator magazines. They will love full color adventures that are found in the Marvel Comics Captain America 70th Anniversary Magazine #1. Trekkies can follow the crew to Deep Space Nine @20 with our Titan Star Trek Magazine #43. Our gaming magazines are another good alternative to having your children spend hours glued to a television or video screen. Gaming magazines capture their interest and demonstrate to them the value of reading skills. We also have many learning and hobby magazines at Sears. Start a lifetime of reading with a gift of one of our gaming magazines.

      Open new windows to learning by presenting your children of all ages with our tech toys. When they are older, give them assorted gaming books and magazines or set them up with their own tablet computers. The results can be astounding, and it all begins when you shop at Sears. Orders can be delivered or picked up at any Sears location.


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