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      up to 30% off Appliance hot buys

      La oferta puede variar en la tienda. Los ahorros van del 5% al 30%. Se aplica a artículos vendidos por Sears. Estos descuentos se calculan sobre el precio de compra de los artículos menos los descuentos y cupones, sin incluir impuestos, instalación ni entrega. En todos los electrodomésticos: colores, conectores, conector para máquina para hacer hielo e instalación extra.

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      Entrega estándar local gratis en electrodomésticos desde $399. Se aplica a artículos vendidos por Sears. La oferta puede variar en la tienda. El descuento se muestra en la facturación. El servicio de entrega estándar incluye las entregas dentro del área local y las entregas que no requieren servicios ni tiempo adicionales. El valor minorista de la entrega local estándar es de $69.99. El cliente debe pagar una tarifa por entrega no convencional. Las áreas locales y los cargos por entrega no convencional varían. No incluye accesorios, refrigeradores empotrables, refrigeradores compactos, calentadores de agua, desmineralizadores, filtros de agua, cuidado de pisos, máquinas de coser, calefactores, humidificadores, ventiladores ni limpiadores de aire. Oferta no válida para órdenes hechas en tiendas locales de Sears, centros de venta, ferreterías o en tiendas de exposición de electrodomésticos.

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      Top Selling in Washers & Dryers

      Get your clothes looking their best with convenient laundry essentials

      Having a washer and dryer in your home can make laundry simple. You won't have to haul large loads of clothing to the Laundromat or fight to get the free machine in a shared laundry room. Shop washers and dryers at Sears and equip your home with appliances that have the latest features. They'll ensure your laundry comes out perfectly every time.

      Whether you want to wash a few items every night or need a large machine to handle the whole family's laundry, you can find the right option among our brands. Top-load washers offer you the convenience of being able to easily lift the lid and add items during the wash cycle. They're also available in high-efficiency models that help you save on water and energy expenses from brands like Kenmore and LG. Front-load washers typically have a higher capacity, so you can clear out the hamper in one wash. With high-end features like the Kenmore Elite's sanitize setting and steam cycle to pre-treat stains, you can be sure your machine will handle everything from your kids' sports uniforms to your delicate business wear.

      You can configure your washer and dryer to make the most of any space. In larger laundry rooms, the ideal accompaniment for a front-loading washer might be a pedestal. Placing your washer on a matching pedestal will raise it up so you don't have to bend over to access your clothing. You can use the convenient storage drawer in the pedestal to stow detergent, softener and any other important laundry care necessities where they'll be out of sight but close at hand. If space is at a premium, you can stack front-load washers and dryers, or opt for a laundry center from a reliable brand like Kenmore and Whirlpool that gives you washer and dryer functions in one compact vertical unit.

      Put the finishing touch on clean shirts, suits, dresses and other wrinkle-prone items with a garment steamer. Just hang your clothes on a full-size steamer to release wrinkles, or try a hand steamer that's easy to store. You can use the handheld nozzle of a garment steamer to refresh plenty of other fabrics with sanitizing steam. You can keep your curtains, table linens and upholstery looking smooth and clean without special cleaning methods. Skip the time-consuming setup of an tabla de planchar and enjoy clothing that looks crisp and feels fresh.