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      Choose from water hoses and sprinklers for your lawn and garden watering needs

      When it comes to providing TLC to your lawn and garden, focus on watering. Take a few minutes to check out what watering tools Sears has to offer. You need to purchase the right herramientas de jardinería for the job, which includes hoses, hose nozzles and sprinklers.

      Potted outdoor plants are an important part of your landscaping. They need watering more often than those in the ground do. Use a garden hose to fill a watering can so you can provide a slow, gentle stream of water to the roots. When you notice water seeping out of a drainage hole or into the saucer, you've watered it enough. Some plants, such as ferns, need a lot of humidity, so you can use a garden sprayer or choose from one of the hose nozzles to mist the leaves. That garden sprayer will also come in handy when applying lawn chemicals.

      Once your potted plants are watered, it's time to look at your lawn and garden plants. If you don't want to be out every weekend waving around a hose, you'll need a sprinkler system. There are five basic types of sprinklers: stationary, traveling, rotary, impulse and oscillating. Sears carries them all. Stationary sprinklers are the least expensive. Look at the ones from Claber, Nelson and Melnor, for example. They're best for smaller lawns and gardens. A traveling sprinkler uses water pressure to move around your yard, saving you the hassle of repositioning it. Take a look at the tractor sprinkler from G W Bosch Imports as an example. It will propel itself across your lawn following the pattern you laid out with your garden hose from Sears. It has two forward-speed transmissions and a neutral, so you can use it like you would a stationary sprinkler. The adjustable spray arms give you coverage of 15 to 55 feet along a 200 feet hose. It even has an automatic shutoff.

      If you have a medium-sized lawn or garden, the rotary sprinkler is a great option. The rotary consists of two or three arms with water jets attached to a spinning unit attached to a base. It can get the job done quickly, dispersing about 1 inch per hour. Gilmour's two-arm rotary sprinkler is a good option. The spray tips are adjustable from a fine mist to a sharp stream. Its metal screen filter prevents clogging and you'll appreciate its rustproof polymer construction.

      If you live where it's often windy, have a large yard to water and don't have a lot of water pressure, choose an impulse sprinkler. Its single jet is near to the ground and waters in a slow, circular pattern. Craftsman, America's most trusted brand, has one on a polymer sled base that covers up to 5,800 square feet.

      An oscillating sprinkler is also great for a large rectangular or square lawn or garden. Gears turn the tube back and forth, spraying the water like a fan. Check out Gilmour's heavy-duty metal one if you have a lot of watering to do. Its turbo motor with switch wheel technology gives you both efficiency and performance. Twin water wheels keep the spray tube moving smoothly at high or low water pressure. Whether you need garden hoses, hose accessories, nozzles, sprinklers or water accessories, Sears has it all from the brands you trust most.