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      Air drills are lighter than electric drills and give you powerful, durable performance. Affordable air drills from PowRyte and Campbell Hausfeld are good choices for use around the house. If you need a professional-grade tool, consider air drills from Craftsman, Milwaukee Tool and Porter Cable. Our selection of pneumatic tools includes cutting tools for PVC, mild steel and masonry. A few of your options include metal sheers, reciprocating saws and grinders from Chicago Pneumatic, Eastwood and Ingersoll Rand. Put air power to work for all your driving, grinding and cutting tasks.

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      Use air drills to make construction work easier

      Get the power you need for drilling holes in wood or metal with air drills from Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield. Our online Sears inventory includes hundreds of air drills for use with metalworking and woodworking projects. Use a Craftsman reversible drill for drilling precise holes, and insert a driver bit to convert your drill into a powerful air screwdriver. We also have right-angle and super-duty air drills from Chicago Pneumatic that feature needle-bearing gears and oil-free operation.

      Agregar combo nailers and staplers to your professional workshop. With a Craftsman combo nailer, you can switch from using finishing nails to staples for almost any woodworking or upholstery project. Combo nailers come in straight and angled styles for inserting nails and staples in tight spots. A Craftsman 2-in-1 finishing tool kit includes a nail gun, nails and staplers for installing interior trim or completing kitchen cabinetry. To prevent marring the wood's surface, most combo nailers have rubber tips that prevent the guns from slipping as they shoot the nails or staples.

      From auto bodywork to DIY mechanical projects, combine air drills with llaves de impacto to create a powerful toolset for making auto repairs. To operate the impact wrench, you need an air compressor to provide enough torque to install or remove bolts on car rims or mechanical equipment. Select from individual impact wrenches in 3/8- and 3/4-inch sizes, or opt for Craftsman mechanics' air tool sets that include an impact wrench, an air ratchet and additional tools for auto bodywork. From Ingersoll-Rand to Craftsman Professional, you can find air impact wrenches for use in your professional workshop and home garage.

      With impact wrenches and air ratchets at your fingertips, you have what you need to make repairs or maintain the health of your automobile and mechanical equipment. Like impact wrenches, air ratchets come in 1/4- to one-inch sizes to remove and install nuts and bolts on your equipment. Although impact wrenches provide more torque when compared to air ratchets, using an air ratchet decreases the chance of stripping a bolt. Most air ratchets have comfortable straight grips with ergonomically placed throttles to improve the way you operate the tools. With up to 90 foot-pounds of torque, you can work with both chrome-plated and impact sockets with a Craftsman air ratchet.

      Drill precise holes and remove screws easily with powerful air drills from Craftsman. Invest in combo nailers and staplers for use with woodworking and upholstery tasks, and keep an impact wrench and air ratchet on hand in the workshop for all of your auto body and mechanical repair jobs. Look to Sears when you need affordable air tools, compressors and accessories for your workshop.


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