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      Shade your home with outdoor awnings

      Retractable outdoor awnings provide you with the ability to add immediate shade to any area of your home. You can easily install these types of awnings above your windows or sliding glass doors. Opt for a large awning to add shade to a deck or patio. These devices come with the necessary hardware to make the installation quick and easy. Choose motorized retractable awnings for added convenience or stick with the manually operated models. Color choices include solid and striped fabrics, which you can match to the color of your siding or trim.

      If you prefer permanent rather than temporary awnings, pick from one-window or two-window covers. Manufacturers use UV-resistant plastic materials to make these permanent additions to your home. Whether you choose retractable or permanent outdoor awnings, it is clear that both kinds of products offer your home an increase in curb appeal and protection against the sunlight. In fact, these awnings help protect your interior carpets, curtains and outdoor furniture against fading.

      When you are looking to add shade to your outdoor furniture that is out of reach of awnings, consider the installation of pérgolas. You can easily install them anywhere in your landscape. These fixtures may be permanent or temporary. The partial shade that these pergolas provide is elegant and refined. Train up plants along the sides of permanent structures for a canopy of flowers that offers additional shade when they bloom.

      Pick just the right muebles para patio to do justice to the chic exterior of your home. Choose it also with the likely types of usage in mind. Bistro sets feature two chairs and a table. They are perfect for an intimate breakfast with a close friend or significant other. Dining sets feature four to eight chairs and a table. Some also include sun umbrellas, which makes them suitable for afternoon board games during summer vacation. Casual seating sets come with a coffee table, a couple of chairs and a love seat. Group different sets in your landscape for functionality and aesthetics.

      Before you decide that you are finished with home improvement tasks for the year, pick up your roofing tools and check the shingles and flashing to make sure that there are no surprises. Add a gutter guard to keep out leaves or do some quick gutter repairs if you notice holes. Add some patching compound around the chimney to reinforce the shingles there, and do not hesitate to reinforce your patching cement along the deck roof. Check also to make sure that the last storm did not knock down any shingles from around the roof vents.

      Sears carries a wide variety of outdoor awnings, pergolas, patio furniture and roofing tools. Buy these stylish additions for the exterior of your home to keep you cool and comfortable when the temperatures heat up. Match the colors to the trim or siding for great curb appeal. Finish your home improvement weekend with a quick check of the roof area.