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Entrega estándar local gratis en electrodomésticos desde $399. Se aplica a artículos vendidos por Sears. La oferta puede variar en la tienda. El descuento se muestra en la facturación. El servicio de entrega estándar incluye las entregas dentro del área local y las entregas que no requieren servicios ni tiempo adicionales. El valor minorista de la entrega local estándar es de $69.99. El cliente debe pagar una tarifa por entrega no convencional. Las áreas locales y los cargos por entrega no convencional varían. No incluye accesorios, refrigeradores empotrables, refrigeradores compactos, calentadores de agua, desmineralizadores, filtros de agua, cuidado de pisos, máquinas de coser, calefactores, humidificadores, ventiladores ni limpiadores de aire. Oferta no válida para órdenes hechas en tiendas locales de Sears, centros de venta, ferreterías o en tiendas de exposición de electrodomésticos.

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Freezer Buying Guide

Buying a Deep Freezer

Deep freezers are secondary freezers that offer additional storage space for frozen foods. Investing in a new freezer or replacing an old one can offer a variety of benefits, from more energy efficient options to newer technological features. Both upright and chest freezers are available in different sizes to accommodate families and individuals... leer más

X vs Y Freezer

Chest Freezers vs. Upright Freezers

Deep freezers can help you de-clutter the freezer on your standard refrigerator. When deciding whether to invest in a chest freezer or an upright freezer, there are many variables to consider. From the amount of floor space you have available to store your freezer to the amount of food you plan to freeze, you'll find a variety of options with different advantages and limitations to consider... leer más

How To Organize Your Chest Freezer

How to Organize Your Chest Freezer

When it comes to capacity and freezing power, chest freezers are hard to beat. With such a large space to hold frozen food, you can store your food in a way so you can easily find what you need when grabbing meal ingredients. With simple guidelines to organize your chest freezer, you can count on efficient meal planning and easy ingredient retrieval... leer más


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Store more food with deep freezers

Deep freezers offer an added space to store frozen food when the freezer section of your refrigerador is overflowing with frozen meats and treats. Whether you're stockpiling ice cream sandwiches for a party or storing your hunting and gardening spoils, a reliable backup freezer will keep everything cold. Sears offers efficient upright and chest freezers from top appliance brands for your home.

When you're shopping around, it can be difficult to choose between a chest freezer and an upright freezer, but each one has different benefits. If you're looking for a freezer that allows you easy access to various food items, consider an upright freezer. With shelves and drawers, you can organize your desserts, meat, veggies and prepackaged meals with ease. For a deep freezer that will hold more food, consider a chest model.

Whether you freeze meat from your hunting adventures or vegetables from the patio garden, a deep freezer will have enough storage space for all your frozen food. If you can't fit everything in the small freezer section of your refrigerador con puertas francesas, consider adding a large freezer to your garage or basement. Wherever you choose to place your new appliance, Sears has a huge selection of chest and upright deep freezers for your home