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A dual-fuel range combines two cooking fuels in one range. Typically the estufa on a dual-fuel is powered by gas or propane and the oven is electric, which allows for the convenience of a convection oven. Dual-fuel ovens from Sears are available in 30 and 36-inch models perfect for fitting typical home kitchens or new construction. Professional grade 48-inch wide dual-fuel ranges such as the Dacor model feature six full-size propane burners with SimmerSear technology and a double oven which allows users to convection bake in one oven while broiling in another.

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Dual-Fuel Ranges Combine Gas and Electricity in One

If you want the benefit of gas and electric cooking in one unit, then consider dual-fuel ranges for your kitchen. Sears carries a line of name brand dual-fuel ranges from Kenmore and Frigidaire up to 48-inches wide. As an example, the Jenn-Air 48-inch dual-fuel range comes with a double oven and a side griddle. Kenmore Elite freestanding ranges feature convection technology that provides even heating and precise control over the temperature. You can also find models with electronic controls and downdraft options.

Dual-fuel ranges use electricity to heat the oven and gas to power the estufas. You can also choose individual gas and electric cooktops to install in your kitchen. Pick out a Kenmore cooking bundle that includes a wall oven and a matching cooktop, or install a KitchenAid downdraft electric cooktop if you lack overhead ventilation. Regardless of whether you choose a gas or an electric cooktop, both models produce even heat distribution and have precise temperature controls. Electric cooktops come in both 2- and 4-burner styles, or you can opt for a KitchenAid 5-element cooktop with an extra-large burner in the middle of the cooking surface.

If you lack natural gas or propane lines in your home, then estufas eléctricas might work best for you. Not all homes have the wall support or room for a built-in wall oven and side range. A traditional freestanding electric range comes in white, black and stainless steel varieties, which makes it easy to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen appliances. Whether you have large or minimal kitchen space, you can find freestanding electric ranges from 20 inches all the way up to 40-inches wide. Some models include double ovens and self-cleaning options.

To maximize the space in your efficiency kitchen, exchange your freestanding ranges for hornos de pared. Wall ovens come in both electric and gas models, and some electric units feature double ovens for baking multiple food items at different temperatures. When choosing a wall oven, decide whether an electric or a gas model works best for your needs. While gas heats up quicker and provides better temperature controls, you have to buy the natural gas or propane. Electric wall ovens consume less energy, but some may not provide the type of convection baking that you expect.

From dual-fuel ranges to wall ovens, you can create the exact kitchen you want using gas, electricity or both. Wall ovens provide more walking space in your kitchen, and cooktops blend in with the counter space. You even have electric ranges for smaller apartments and larger efficiency kitchens. Come to Sears when you want to create the ultimate culinary workspace using only name brand kitchen appliances.


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