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Aspiradoras y cuidado de pisos

Aspiradoras y cuidado de pisos de mayor venta

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Vacuum Buying Guide

Guía de compra de aspiradoras

Having clean floors is a gratifying feeling to homemakers. Floor cleaners range anywhere from carpet washers to steam vacs... leer más

Upright vs Canister Vacuums

Upright vs. Canister Vacuums

The longtime debate between upright and canister vacuums continues. Both vacuums offer variable suction power to clean multiple surfaces... leer más



Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuums

Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuums

When you're shopping for a vacuum, one of the primary choices you'll have to make is whether to use a bagged or bagless vacuum... leer más

Ball Technology

What is Ball™ Technology?

Unlike vacuums with fixed wheels, vacuums built with Ball™ technology from Dyson can turn on the spot... leer más

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Aspiradoras y cuidado de pisos de mayor venta

Find the perfect vacuum for your home

A vacuum is a must-have appliance for any home. Vacuums take care of messy moments, whether it's pet hair, every day dust and dirt or when you spill coffee grounds from your cafeteras. No matter its size, there's a vacuum that will suit your lifestyle and your home at Sears. Shop robot vacuum cleaners, upright vacuums, water vacuums and more that can clean floors and carpets, leaving you with a clean house.

Homeowners and home dwellers alike know that typical electrodomésticos para la cocina are important, but items like floor vacuums and vacuum parts are often overlooked. In case of a flood, wet/dry vacuums can help you draw water before it damages items in your home. For people who don't enjoy cleaning, robot vacuum cleaners allow you to program them to vacuum your home, hands free. Set it up to vacuum while you're at work, and come home to clean floors. However, every home has different needs. That's why Sears carries a full range of vacuum sizes and models.

Whether you prefer the classic upright vacuum or want a modern stick or robotic design, you'll find the right floor vacuum cleaner for your home. If you need to replace vacuum parts, bags or other accessories, you'll find those too. At Sears, get all the top brands, latest models and the accessories you need to go along with your vacuum.