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      Experience a more comfortable shower or better tasting tap water with a water softener 

      Your water softener removing harmful minerals from your water before it heads to the faucet. These appliances will remove calcium, magnesium and metallic ions in the water. These substances can cause hard water, which in turn can create a myriad of complications. Hard water will contribute to the accumulation of soap scum in your shower. These minerals can also build up in your pipes and increase the chances of corrosion and reduced water flow. Sears has both electronic water softeners and models that use desmineralizador resin to clean your water.

      There are a number of high-efficiency features that will help you get the most out of your new appliance. With LCD displays and low-salt indicators, you'll be able to ensure that your softener is working at full capacity. Modern water softeners allow for better water flow and can contain greater amounts of salt to reduce how frequently you need to refill the appliance. These softeners, when paired with a high-efficiency calentador de agua, will ensure you have top-notch water.

      Removing harsh minerals and ions from your water will make it feel, taste and flow better. It will help reduce soap scum accumulation and keep your pipes clear. Sears has the right water softeners to will keep your family's water comfortable and healthy.