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Samsung Appliances Simplify Your Household Chores

Life is complicated, especially when it comes to running a household. But Samsung appliances offer insightful features based on smart thinking to eliminate hassles in cooking, laundry and other everyday tasks. Because even the little things that simplify lifeike Samsung appliances from Sears.comake a big difference.

Samsung hornos microondas offer sensor cooking, making it easy to cook all your favorite microwavable foods with the touch of a button, so there´s no need to program serving size, weight or power levels! Or look at Samsung refrigeradores. Select models have the same footprint as a standard-size fridge, but offer 16% more interior storagenough space for 11 extra 6-packs of soda. Lavadoras y secadoras are popular Samsung appliances too, with special technology that reduces washer noise and vibration, and stylish accesorios such as pedestals. If you´d like to simplify your living, look to the smart thinking of Samsung appliances from Sears.com.

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