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FREE Installation on ANY SET OF 4 tires from Sears Auto (by Sears sponsored Visa Reward Card rebate)

La oferta es válida para compras realizadas del 1/28/18 al 3/31/18 con instalación hasta el 4/14/18.  Para calificar, los participantes deben comprar CUALQUIER juego de 4 neumáticos del departamento automotor de Sears y los neumáticos deben instalarse en el Centro automotor Sears.  La instalación debe contratarse en cualquier momento de la compra. †Reembolso máximo de $75.96. Reembolso por correo a través de Sears patrocinado por la tarjeta de regalos prepagada de Visa. Pide en línea o llama al 888-819-6963 para hablar con un experto en neumáticos.

Visita el Centro de reembolsos para auotomotores y solicita el formulario:


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Customize your driving experience with automotive basics

Maintain a dependable, well-oiled machine so you can hit the road whenever you please. From safety essentials like car emergency kits to fun collectibles like keychains, mugs and specialty clocks, give all your vehicles an upgrade with new automotive basics from Sears.

Make routine maintenance tasks easier with the right automotive supplies on hand. Check the air pressure in your tires using a tire gauge, or revive a stalled battery roadside with booster cables. Before making DIY repairs, consider consulting an informative book, computer program or manual. Once your vehicle is in good working order, use car care and detailing supplies to make it look factory fresh again. If you don’t have access to a garage, keep debris off cars and trucks by parking them beneath an outdoor shelter.

Add a touch of luxury to the family vehicle with interior and exterior automotive accessories. Secure valuable audio, video and electronic equipment from theft with an aftermarket alarm system and a locking personal safe that attaches to the seat mount. To access and control any compatible car without the need for keys, install keyless entry and remote start technology inside each vehicle. Update, decorate and care for your vehicles with automotive basics from Sears.