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For all your hosiery needs, Sears has what you are looking for. Pantyhose and nylon stockings look great with any outfit from business suits to miniskirts to evening dresses, giving your legs a toned, smooth and elegant look for every occasion. Complete that outfit with a pair of evening shoes for a stylish head-to-toe look that will have heads turning and jaws dropping. And when cooler weather and sweater season roll around, a pair of comfy socks and leggings worn underneath your jeans, skirt or dress will keep you warm all winter. Help your legs look their best with socks and hosiery from Sears.

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Complete your look with women's hosiery from Sears

Hosiery is a must have item on every woman's list. Why not make shopping for women's hosiery fun? Start with pantyhose. Instead of settling on a simple pair each day, dress up the occasional outfit with patterns like dots or diamonds. Look for tights in multiple colors to add splash to whatever you wear. Sears has an enormous selection of hosiery in every shade, size and style. You can stock up on stockings and leggings for casual evenings, as well as for more formal occasions with our vast collection.

For many women, every workday means a need for hosiery. Make sure your underthings are comfortable as well as affordable. There is nothing worse than spending a fortune on stockings or brasieres only to find that they start to bind or slip after only a few wears. To keep your support items comfortable, make sure you get the right size. You can trust one-size-fits-all hosiery to suit nearly any body shape, but those that come in sizes can vary just enough to give you a great fit.

Not all hosiery is for workdays or formal occasions. You can wear pantyhose under your favorite short dresses, skirts and other casual ensembles for date night or girls' night out. For a fun evening on the town, look for tights that shimmer and shine. For something that really stands out, consider open weave patterns, like fishnets or shredded tights.

Intimate nights can get even more daring with the Sears collection of hosiery and ropa de dormir. We have dainty thigh highs that are topped with lace for an ultra-feminine look, as well as those with a back seam for a special touch of flair among our many options.

There are few things more frustrating than shopping for undergarments and learning that you need a new camisole, or that your favorite pair of leggings are ripped. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to shop is to purchase all of your hosiery and related items at once. To save yourself the headache of being caught without the support items you need, do an inventory of those items that need to be replaced. Hosiery and other footwear should always be bought in twos so you always have a pair that is clean and free from snags. Likewise, you should buy multiple slips at varying lengths so you never have one that is too short or too long for your dress or skirt.

Shopping for women's hosiery is fun when you know you are getting the best deals. Sears stocks hose, tights and leggings from your favorite designers, so you know you are always getting a quality product. With peace of mind, you feel free to shop non-stop for everything you need. Buy your women's hosiery through Sears for the best prices and the widest selection.



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