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Find Shoe Care for Your Boots & Shoes

Leather boots crack and shoelaces fray and break over time. Sears carries a full range of shoe care products for renewing the look of your boots and shoes and improving your comfort as you stand and work all day. We have shoe accessories like gel insoles to cushion your step and shoeshine to polish your dress Oxfords. You can even find shoe racks to organize your entire shoe collection. Whether you would like new laces or a storage chest, Sears has hundreds of shoe care accessories for you.

Unless you have waterproof work boots, working in the rain or walking in the mud damages your boot's material. We have shoe care accessories like boot and shoe dryers that dry your work gloves and your men's boots in minutes. Combine your boot dryers with our shoe care kits, which come in handy for removing dirt and grime from the soles and renewing the look of the leather or synthetic material. With our shoe stretching spray, you can break in your new shoes or soften the leather on your work boots.

We offer shoelaces in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your work boots or your athletic sneakers. We have brown laces to complement your loafers and white laces for your basketball shoes. You can also find laces that glow in the dark, which come in handy if you plan to attend a blackout party or jog at night. Change the look of your shoes in seconds with patterned laces, or keep it simple with a pair of matching laces for your men's casual shoes. You can make a fashion statement with laces with LED lights or multicolored laces with patterns.

Regularly maintaining your shoes retains their shine and minimizes cracking and drying. We have leather shoeshine products and brushes to polish your men's dress shoes and casual leather loafers. Making a great first impression starts with a nice outfit and polished shoes, so Sears has mink oil and polish to bring out the natural shine in your Oxfords. You can also find cleaner and wax for use on your leather work shoes or your rubber snow boots. If you travel for business, then invest in our travel-size shoe care kits, which contain brushes, polish and cloths for shining your shoes before you head to the meeting.

Accessorize and improve your shoes and boots with shoe care products like laces and gel insoles. Increase your closet floor space with a new shoe rack, and polish your dress shoes regularly with mink oil and shoe wax. Find even more shoe care accessories when you shop online at Sears.