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Range Buying Guide

Everything you need to cook in one convenient appliance

A new kitchen range offers a variety of modern technological advances to assist you every time you cook. When you have a full kitchen range, you can cook almost anything with ease. Bake, broil, roast, simmer, fry and boil with one essential appliance. Contemporary ranges offer many modern features that you won't find in your old model.

Why buy a new range?

  • There are many range options and features available now that weren't available just a few years ago. You can pick and choose components that are right for you.
  • With ever-changing technologies rapidly improving kitchen appliances, a new range can offer a variety of features that can help simplify your life and improve your cooking, like convection cooking capability or specialty burners.
  • Sleek range models offer aesthetically pleasing appliances that will look stylish in your designer kitchen.
  • Ranges are available with varying oven sizes and fewer or more cooktop burners based on your needs.

Features of new ranges

Range installation

  • Freestanding ranges can fit anywhere in your kitchen, depending on your electric or gas hook-ups
  • Slide-in ranges fit into your cabinetry without the need for customized cabinets
  • Drop-in ranges require custom-designed cabinets in your kitchen

Specialty burners

  • Simmer burners are the perfect gas burners for cooking at a lower heat
  • Power burners are high heat gas burners that reach higher BTUs than standard burners
  • Dual element burners are electric radiant burners with multiple heat rings to accommodate differently sized cookware
  • Sealed gas burners have a top cap protecting the gas jets, which come out of the heat element horizontally
  • Open gas burners have gas jets that project flames directly upward toward the cookware

Características tecnológicas

  • Digital displays on the backsplash show the time, oven temperature and often a timer
  • Electronic touchpads make it easy to modify the cooking temperature and timer of oven
  • Self-cleaning models keep the inside of your oven looking fresh

Extra features

  • Range hoods are exhaust systems above kitchen ranges which pull steam, smoke and gas fumes out of  the air through filtration
  • Downdraft ventilation systems have the same purpose as range hoods, but they pull the smoke and fumes downward into a ventilation system
  • Bridge elements connect two separate heat elements to evenly heat food in large pans

Which product is best for you?


Types of ranges


Gas ranges

These models use natural gas for power and they may not be an option if you don't have a natural gas line in your home. Both the cooktop and the oven heat food with an open flame. Ovens have fan-only convection or conventional heat options.

  • Margen de precio: $425-$5800
  • Margen de anchura: 20-36"
  • Number of burners: 4-6

Gas ranges are best for…

Experienced chefs: If you're handy in the kitchen and you've got a wide repertoire of different recipes under your belt, you'll want an easily adjustable gas flame that can cook at precise heat levels.


Electric ranges

These ranges draw from electricity for power. On an electric range, you can choose from electric coil, electric radiant and induction cooktops. You also have the option of true convection, fan-only convection or conventional ovens.

  • Margen de precio: $350-$3000
  • Margen de anchura: 20-40"
  • Number of burners: 1-8

Electric ranges are best for…

Budget buyers: With many inexpensive options available, electric coil ranges are sure to be a reliable choice for those conscious of cost.

Technology fiends: Many new electric ranges come with a variety of advanced features such as induction cooktops, convection ovens and other modern technologies to help speed and improve your cooking process.

Dedicated bakers: Electric ranges are better for baking. The electric element allows for crispier backed goods because it doesn't produce water vapor like a gas oven element does.


Dual fuel ranges

Dual fuel ranges offer a gas cooktop with an electric oven. These can come with both conventional and convection baking capabilities.

  • Margen de precio: $1850-$6000
  • Margen de anchura: 30-40"
  • Number of burners: 4-7

Dual fuel ranges are best for…

Culinary masters: If you love the precision of a gas cooktop and the even cooking of an electric oven, these ranges are exactly what you need.

Braising and roasting: Many recipes call for searing on the stovetop followed by a transfer to the oven for slow cooking. The high stovetop heat and even electric oven of a dual fuel range is perfect for this kind of cooking.


In addition to the different types of ranges, you can also choose from a variety of model features and installation preferences. Gas ranges, electric ranges and dual-fuel ranges can be designed to suit the needs of your kitchen. For those who love the idea of a gas cooktop, but want an electric oven with a true convection feature, a dual-fuel range is the perfect appliance. If you feel strongly about safety, you're likely to find electric ranges will offer more additional features, like induction, to protect yourself and your family from injury. For amateur or professional chefs who require consistency and precise heat measurement, gas models can offer precision and reliability. Regardless of your needs, you can find the range that suits all of your cooking requirements.

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