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Be Storm Ready, We’re here to help before & after any natural disaster

Clean up & Repair

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Prepare your home for a storm with help from Sears

Dealing with a flood, hurricane or blizzard is a situation we all hope to avoid. The impact of severe storms and natural disasters can be devastating, especially if you're not prepared. Having the right equipment not only helps you make it through these events, but it also can make cleanup a little easier. With a wide variety of durable hand tools, extension cords, dehumidifiers and more, Sears has everything you need to recover from a storm.

When a storm cuts electrical power, having a back-up generator is a must. Sears has a large selection of gas generators to keep your home running. This machine helps supply power to lights and major appliances until the grid is restored. With the latest portable power packs, you'll be able to run water pumps and wet/dry vacs to remove water quickly and safely from your home. Some packs even feature USB outlets to charge everything from cell phones to tablets.

Branches, trees and other debris can pile up quickly during storms. Choose from a great selection of chain saws, wheelbarrows and other powerful outdoor tools that let you clean up your yard and surrounding areas with ease. From inflatable mattresses and blankets to flashlights and portable generators, preparing for a storm is crucial. When the weather turns, Sears is here to lend a hand with the essentials you need.