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Esta promoción no aplica para órdenes internacionales. El envío estándar sin cargo en compras desde $59 se aplica solo a artículos que se pueden enviar por correo y vendidos por Sears o Kmart. No incluye artículos en liquidación, decoración y árboles de Navidad, neumáticos, piscinas y accesorios, camas elásticas, juguetes para exteriores, vehículos de exteriores para niños, carros, caballetes, mesas para arte, juegos de cocina y limpieza, trotadoras, elípticas, máquinas para Pilates, gimnasios en casa y juegos de pesas, remadores y escaladoras, tablas de inversión, bicicletas de ejercicios, bicicletas y accesorios, scooters, tablas y aros, mesas para salón de juegos y carpas. La oferta se aplica a la mercancía enviada solo a través del servicio terrestre de UPS (la mayoría de artículos de menos de 150 lb). La promoción no incluye artículos adquiridos de los catálogos de, Sears Parts Direct, sitios web con licencia y asociados a Sears, servicios digitales, Sears Presents ni Shop At Home. El valor del envío gratis varía en función de la localización del envío. Los artículos se envían mediante la opción de menor costo o mediante el envío terrestre. Las opciones de envío terrestre y de menor costo se aplican únicamente a órdenes enviadas a los 48 estados continentales de EE. UU. y al Distrito de Columbia (no se aplican a envíos a Alaska, Hawái, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canadá, México, las Islas Vírgenes de EE. UU. o a direcciones militares APO/FPO). Los productos de más de 35 lb no pueden ser enviados a ubicaciones APO/FPO; todos los envíos a APO/FPO son mediante USPS. El valor estimado de la oferta comprende de $6.80 a $64. La oferta no incluye los costos de envío en artículos de gran tamaño o de gran tamaño a domicilio.  

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Liven up the holidays with a variety of amazing lighting solutions that give your home the ultimate seasonal look.

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Get in the holiday spirit with the Christmas Tree Shop at Sears

Between the warm glow of Christmas lights and the colorful cheer of holiday decorations, there's nothing more exciting than the holiday season. With the holidays drawing near, and the magic of Christmas in the air, you've likely spent time thinking about your Christmas tree and the rest of your indoor decor. Deciding whether you want a live tree or an artificial Christmas tree can be a tough decision, but with the stylish and realistic looking trees in our Christmas Tree Shop, you're sure to find the perfect tree or trees for your home.

Artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of styles and heights to suit every preference. You can find trees ranging from 12-inches to over 12-feet tall, so that you can have a tree that fits whatever space you choose to place it. These stunning holiday trees come in several shapes and models to mimic real life trees, whether you prefer a slim pine or a Douglas fir that feels completely natural. You may even decide that you want a different colored tree, in a soft pink or a white. Some brands, like Color Switch Plus, come with lights built into the design, so you can easily set it up and plug it in without having to string a single light, so you can spend more time placing ornaments and setting presents atop a beautiful tree skirt.

Artificial trees offer additional features that give them a step up above real Christmas trees. While they may not have that natural pine smell, they're incredibly easy to take care off. You can put your tree up right after Thanksgiving and leave it until after the New Year. Enjoy months of festive lights and colors, instead of just a few weeks. One of the best features of artificial Christmas trees is their ability to last. When you buy a high-quality tree, you can rest assured that it will last for many years to come, so you can have the perfect Christmas tree every year.  Sears offers exclusive brands like Cashmere, Real Feel, GE and Kensington for a vast selection of long-lasting trees that are designed to stand the test of time.

If you're a Christmas fanatic, you may want to stock up on more than one tree. Many people like to have trees in different rooms, whether they're all traditionally decorated trees or each with a separate theme. Con Sears Exclusive Donner & Blitzen Christmas Collections, you can choose a theme or several for your trees, to match the room and your personal style. If you have a favorite character or animal, you may find yourself with a large collection of the same type of ornaments, whether you love penguins or Mickey Mouse. Separate them from your main tree and create a unique tree with your own stylish flare. You can choose a smaller 4 ft. tree or another full size tree to show off your favorite ornaments.

When you choose to purchase a faux Christmas tree, you want to find a high-quality model that you know will last for years. With the Christmas Tree Shop at Sears, you'll find all of the trees and accessories that you need to have the most festive home around.