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Hitches For Every Tow

Choosing a Hitch
Towing Tips


Towing Tips

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Load & Haul


Load & Haul

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Q. Do I need anything special to connect the wiring?


A. Most trucks, vans, SUVs and RVs made since the mid-1990's include factory-installed trailer lighting connectors and even ready-made plugs in the cabin to connect a trailer brake controller.  If your vehicle is not prepared for towing, you will need to install a wiring connector.  With some planning and research, you can safely splice trailer wiring connectors into your vehicle's wiring system, or take your vehicle to a professional camping or trailer shop and have the wiring installed there.


Q. What's the difference between weight carrying & weight distribution?


A. Weight Carrying is a towing situation where all of the tongue weight is carried directly on the rear of the tow vehicle and on the hitch.  Weight Distribution is a towing situation whereby use of a weight distributing hitch, some or all of the tongue weight is evenly distributed throughout from the rear to the front of the tow vehicle.

Q.  What does OEM mean?


A.  "OEM" stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.  This refers to a company - usually a car manufacturer - that acquires a product and reuses or incorporates it into a new product with its own brand name.

Q. Can I weld my hitch to the frame?


A. Never weld a hitch to the frame unless specified by the hitch manufacturer.  All welding should be done by a certified professional.  Improper welds can weaken both the hitch and the frame of your vehicle.

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When you need to tow or haul an object, big or small, you need to make sure you have the right hitch to ensure a safe driving experience.  Understanding that there is a specific class of hitch for every towing situation is key and will make for a successful haul.  You'll find the exact hitch you need for your towing needs when you shop at Sears.

Safety should always be first when you get behind the wheel.  Whether you're towing or hauling smaller objects like a bicycle rack, small trailer or jet ski, or even larger objects like a horse trailer, yacht or RV, you'll find that what you drive and what you haul will determine which class of hitch you have to install.  This will keep you and your passengers safe, others on the rad safe and prevent damage to your vehicle and the objects you tow.

Sears is a trusted retailer in the automotive industry.  Shop for your new hitch today, and find everything you need to safely load and haul your valuables.  You'll find the best selection of all hitches at Sears.