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Party Shoes for Kids

Most kids, mainly girls, love playing dress up. From the outfit to the shoes to the accessories, kids enjoy creating their own simply unique looks. For the moments that aren't exactly playtime but call for an equal amount of enthusiasm and class, party shoes or dress shoes for kids will be the transformative look from playtime to really dressing up. As with any pair of kids' shoes, practicality needs to be considered. While women usually choose heels and pumps for looks first and comfort second, kids' dress shoes need to be done the other way around. Kids will still behave like kids regardless of how you dress them, so it's important that their party shoes allows them to move with similar agility as with their everyday casual shoes. To find the best party shoes for kids, you need to know what to look for in both boys' and girls' shoes for all ages and consider the occasion.

Comfortable party shoes for girls

Girls see their moms wearing beautiful, shiny heels and want to dress up just like her. She might even dig through mom's shoe collection and try walking around in her shoes to feel like her.  However, there are much cuter and age-appropriate party shoes for girls that they'll love more than mom's shoes. When shopping for toddler girls' dress shoes, remember that you're little one is still learning to keep balance while walking. Comfortable party shoes for toddler girls are those that are flexible and are round or oval shaped to accommodate their sensitive growing feet.


As girls get older, they want to show a bit of feminine maturity in their footwear. Girls will want to try open-toe sandals or even short wedges so they can feel more adult-like. When it comes to any sort of heels, even if it's just a half-inch, you want to make sure your daughter is comfortable wearing them. She may say she is, but from personal experience, mothers should know heels take some getting used to. As with any shoes, the best part of little girls dress shoes is the designs and embellishments, ranging from glitter and rhinestones to patent material and the flower or ribbon accessories.


Boys fancy dress shoes

Boys' shoes are easier to shop for since there aren't nearly as many styles and types of shoes as girls', but there are still plenty of styles to choose from. When it comes to finding the best party shoes for boys, remember that he's still a boy and will still probably do a lot of running around, so he'll need flexible, yet sleek looking shoes. Boys' dress shoes are usually patent or matted leather shoes in slip-on or lace-tie. There's a sense of timelessness to men's and boys' dress shoes, as they look similar as boys graduate to men's shoes. Regardless of age, guys will look dashing when they have the style of dress shoes they feel most comfortable in.


When shopping for comfortable party shoes for girls and boys, keep in mind that their feet are still developing and they will grow out of shoes within a few months. Look for inexpensive, but quality, shoes that are flexible, breathable and well-fitted. You son or daughter will love their dressed up look once they know they can still feel like themselves while wearing fancy dress shoes. Besides, the best party shoes for kids are the ones that reflect their youthful personalities. 

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