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Team Sports Shoes for Kids

Many kids participate in some type of organized team sport during their grade school and middle school years, sometimes even carrying into high school and college. Even for kids who don't play in any team sports or athletics, there's always a physical education requirement in schools, and kids need the right shoes for their constant motion activities. While you may think any pair of athletic shoes may be fine, it's actually important to find the best sports shoes for kids according to their activities. Whether your kids play soccer, basketball, baseball, run track or need all-around gym shoes, there's differences between them all. With this guide, Sears can help steer you in the direction of you and your child's exercise and athletics needs.


The best pair of shoes for kids may be the cross-trainer sneakers. For everyday activity, cross-trainer sneakers are the best athletic shoes for kids. Cross-trainers are designed to be the all-purpose athletic shoes. These shoes are perfect for kids' gym class because they are multi-purpose with breathable uppers and lightweight cushioning. Whether searching for boys sneakers on up to juniors' athletic shoes, there are cross-trainer shoes for everyone. Even though cross-trainers are the all-around purpose gym shoes, they are not ideal for running on grass, sidewalks or trotadoras because they don't offer the same flexibility or cushioning for runners. Despite the fact they are lightweight cross-trainers are also heavier than the typical running shoes. When buying team sports shoes for kids, be sure the shoe fits the occasion, otherwise you'll be adding strain and pressure to your kids' feet.


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Basketball shoes need to be durable, flexible and capable of absorbing the shock of the sport. Because there is a lot of pivoting, jumping, side-to-side action and quick stopping in basketball, shoes need to provide you with the right cushioning while allowing your feet to handle the quick action of the game. For all-around and fast players, lightweight shoes with moderate support are recommended. Whether or not, you decide to get high-cut or lower-cut basketball shoes is entirely up to you, however high-cut basketball shoes are the most frequently bought because they provide more ankle support and stability. Whether you're looking for boys' or men's basketball shoes, be sure the style, fit and material and lightweight and breathable to your foot. Similar style can be found for girls' and women's basketball shoes for the female athlete, as well.


Baseball cleats

Like basketball shoes and football cleats, baseball cleats come in high-top, mid-top and low-top styles depending on the level of ankle support or maneuverability you're looking for. In terms of the actual cleats themselves, there are either metal or plastic. Metal cleats are permanent and prohibited from youth baseball or softball organizations, mainly because of the dangers from injury of the metal, should they occur; yet metal cleats are used by high school, college and professional players. Plastic cleats are molded as part of the sole, permanently attached to the cleats and can be worn on a wet or dry field. Buying athletic shoes for kids, especially when it comes to baseball equipment like cleats, can be tough. For the beginning athlete, look for comfortable cleats that are flexible, use Velcro instead of shoelaces and have a reinforced toe, all for the best performance.


Soccer cleats

Soccer is a popular sport played by grade school and middle school kids. Unlike baseball or football cleats, soccer cleats are distinct in their own way, allowing for maximum performance on the field rather than on turf or dirt. Although, there are two very different type of soccer cleats, depending on whether the game is being played indoors or outdoors. Indoor soccer cleats are lighter in construction and have a flat bottom surface, providing greater speed on artificial surfaces. However, outdoor cleats are designed for natural grassy surfaces, wet or dry. Certain cleats are designed differently to handle different levels of moisture or firmness of the ground. Soccer cleats some in leather or synthetic materials. Synthetic is the most ideal for beginner soccer players. The upper of soccer shoes are narrower than regular shoes, meant for better control during the game.


It's easy to assume that all athletic shoes are the same and the only difference would be fit and style, however, the cushioning and support certain shoes give are specific to the sport. When thinking about buying athletic shoes for kids, the initial thought is to buy them any pair of boys' or girls' sneakers for gym class. The activity your child participates in is important to which athletic shoes you buy. Just any pair of sneakers may be damaging to your child's foot development and may injure them if they are not prepared with the right shoes. With the right pair of kids' sports team shoes, your child will tear up the court and run across the field, making that impressive winning score.

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