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Comfortable High Heels for Women

Very few women can resist the lure of a cute pair of shoes. From flirty slingbacks and wedges to professional pumps and strappy sandals, there is a pair of shoes (or fifty) for every woman. Heels are known for giving women a long, lean appearance and accentuating good posture, but are they actually comfortable? As hard as it may be to believe, there are many options when it comes to comfortable high heel shoes. There are even ways to make high heels more comfortable while improving your posture.

Mid-height heels

Instead of jumping into a pair of stilettos, you're going to be better off with a mid-height pair of pumps. You'll still get that long leg look without the discomfort of standing in super high heels. Pumps that have a sturdy heel are perfect for work, date night and any other occasion where dressy shoes are the norm. When you shop for mid-height heels, comfort is key, but style is just as important. Make sure that you find heels that accentuate your best features, giving you the look you want while sliding easily onto your feet regularly. You can find mid-height heels in a variety of designs and colors to mix and match with your favorite outfits. From sling backs to sandalias, your shoes can help you look fabulous while standing comfortably.


Wedges offer some benefits in comparison to a standard heel. They are comfortable because they offer a larger area of space in contact with the ground, but less flexible when it comes to movement. While many women find these to be the most comfortable high shoes, they can also increase the risk of injury if you're not careful. The solution is to avoid super high wedges and stick with lower, more stable wedges that offer more movement capabilities. Of course, with adorable styles from classy to sassy, you can wear wedge sandals and other wedge shoes to any event. Comfortable enough to wear around the mall and stylish enough to wear on a night out with the girls, wedges are a unique and playful trend.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels offer the safest and most comfortable high heels, with the lowest heel to offer and the least likely heel to cause injury.  While they come in a lower heel, these zapatos de vestir aren't lacking in style. They pair well with business suits and jeans alike, so you can find kitten heels for every occasion, whether you're wearing them to work or showing them off at a party. These shoes are also great for taller women, who want to give off a classic and elegant look without adding a lot of extra height. For the office, a pair of sling-back kitten pumps will make a professional, chic ensemble look fantastic. When you're headed to a summer party, pair of strappy kitten heel sandals is exactly what you need to stand out, comfortably. Wherever you're going, it's easy to step out in comfy kitten heels.

How to make high heels comfortable

Regardless of the zapatos para mujer that you buy, there are ways to improve the level of comfort that they offer. Rock out in high heels for your hot date or wear a pair of high platform wedges out with your friends. There are ways to make them more comfortable. You can add cushioned insoles that mold to your feet and add support to any pair of shoes, giving you an added bit of comfort. If the fit is a little too tight, you can stretch tight shoes out with various methods. The heat of a blow dryer can make the shoe material more malleable and easier to stretch, while a a can of soda pop insterted into the toe area will stretch out the leather while helping the shoe maintain its shape.


Leather shoes stretch easiest, so if you wear them while directing the blow dryer at the tight spots, you can expand the areas you need more room in. You can also stretch shoes overnight by stuffing them with a can of pop, a potato or even wet newspaper. After your shoes are stretched, you might want to use an anti-friction stick to keep shoes from rubbing on tender areas, whether it's the back of your ankle or side of your foot. Once you know how to make high heels comfortable, you can wear all of your favorite shoes whenever you want.


You've got so many options when it comes to wearing cute shoes and high heels. You don't have to wear sky high stilettos to rock a pair of heels. It's easy to find comfortable high heel shoes when you know the styles that are available and what features to look for. The higher-quality the shoe, the more comfortable it's bound to be. Wear heels with confidence and comfort, and you'll look as good as you feel.

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