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      Ready to learn all there is to know about the latest features, options and technology? We're here to help with all the info you need to be totally confident before you buy. We've even included tips to help you get the most from your appliance once it's in your home.

      Home Appliances


      Refrigerator Buying Guide

      Refrigerators are often the central focus of a kitchen. When you're ready to remodel your kitchen or breathe a little new life into the room, refrigerators are one of the easiest upgrades that you can make. A new fridge can create a streamlined design in your kitchen, help maximize food storage and provide added simplicity through special features. Of course, understanding how to buy a refrigerator requires some research... read more

      What is Dual Cooling for Refrigerators?

      How to Manually Defrost Your Freezer and Refrigerator

      Refrigerator Food Safety Do's and Don'ts

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      Refrigerator Articles


      Washer Articles

      Washer Buying Guide

      Today's clothes washers come with a laundry list of impressive features, wash cycles and other options. Whether you're replacing an old clunker, upgrading to a newer model or stocking your very first laundry room, you'll need to learn what these new features do before you make your decision... read more

      Top-Load Washers vs. High-Efficiency Top-Load Washers vs. Front-Load Washers

      What is a High-Efficiency Washer?

      What is Anti-Vibration Technology?

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      Dryer Buying Guide

      Forget about the loud, clunky metal box in your parents' basement; dryers have come a long way. Recent advances in technology allow dryers to dry your clothes more effectively and efficiently, while sporting convenient new features such as smartphone integration, moisture sensors and remote diagnostics... read more

      Gas vs. Electric Dryers

      How to Decide on a Dryer Capacity

      What is a Moisture Sensor?

      More Dryer Articles

      Dryer Articles


      Range Articles

      Range Buying Guide

      A new kitchen range offers a variety of modern technological advances to assist you every time you cook. When you have a full kitchen range, you can cook almost anything with ease. Bake, broil, roast, simmer, fry and boil with one essential appliance. Contemporary ranges offer many modern features that you won't find in your old model.... read more

      What is a Drop-in Range?

      What is a Freestanding Range?

      What is a Slide-in Range?

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      Wall Ovens

      Wall Oven Buying Guide

      Wall ovens are built directly into your kitchen wall. Instead of a bulky kitchen range, these ovens add an aesthetic appeal as well as functional benefits. They're perfect for smaller kitchens that don't have a lot of space, but they can also add a contemporary look to any size kitchen. If you want a gas cooktop, but an electric oven, or vice-versa, a wall oven and separate cooktop can also be an easier alternative than a dual fuel range... read more

      Wall Ovens vs. Ranges

      What is Convection Cooking?

      What is an Oven Warming Drawer?

      More Wall Oven Articles

      Wall Oven Articles


      Cooktop Articles

      Cooktop Buying Guide

      Cooktops are cooking surfaces that often sit at counter level. Some models are combined with an oven range while others are completely separate and designed to fit anywhere on your countertop. You can find cooktops that use either gas or electric heat in varying sizes to accommodate the amount of space you have available. From frying home-style favorites to boiling pasta, a cooktop can do it all. Make sure you find the one that's right for your kitchen..... read more

      Electric vs. Gas Cooktops

      What is a Dual Element Burner?

      What is a Bridge Element?

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      Microwave Buying Guide

      The microwave oven is one of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen because its versatility is hard to beat. When reheating last night's dinner, the convenience of a microwave is unmatched. If you're heating a cup of water for your morning tea, there's no easier method... read more

      Countertop vs. Over-the-Range Microwaves

      What is Inverter Technology?

      What is a Microwave Drawer?

      More Microwave Articles

      Microwave Articles


      Dishwasher Articles

      Dishwasher Buying Guide

      Whether you're building your home and buying a dishwasher for the first time, or renovating your kitchen, new dishwasher models can offer a variety of benefits from shortened cleaning cycles to a heavy-duty pots and pans mode. If you wash a lot of dishes and want something that's powerful enough to handle the job... read more

      Built-in vs. Portable Dishwashers

      Plastic vs. Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tub Material

      How to Properly Load Your Dishwasher

      More Dishwasher Articles


      Vacuum Buying Guide

      Having clean floors is a gratifying feeling to homemakers. Floor cleaners range anywhere from carpet washers to steam vacs, and they're a great way to wash and lift dirt and impurities from a multitude of surfaces in your home. Unless you're seeking professional help to keep things looking sparkly and pristine, a routine cleaning schedule and regular maintenance is necessary... read more

      Upright vs. Canister Vacuums

      Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuums

      How to Remove Crayon from Carpeting

      More Vacuum Articles

      Vacuum Articles


      Freezer Articles

      Deep Freezer Buying Guide

      Deep freezers are secondary freezers that offer additional storage space for frozen foods.  Investing in a new freezer or replacing an old one can offer a variety of benefits, from more energy efficient options to newer technological features. Both upright and chest freezers are available in different sizes to accommodate families and individuals... read more

      Chest Freezers vs. Upright Freezers

      How to Organize Your Chest Freezer

      More Freezer Articles

      Water Heaters

      Water Heater Buying Guide

      water heater is important for a variety of purposes around the home. Whether providing hot water for bathing, dishwashers or laundry machines, your water heaters work hard all year round. A new water heater, with new energy ratings, can help cut bills in half or heat your shower faster than your current heater. Follow these guidelines to help you get the right water heater for your home and family... read more

      How to Select a Water Heater

      Why Buy Professional Installation for Your Water Heater?

      What to Expect When a Professional Installs Your Water Heater

      More Water Heater Articles

      Water Heater Articles

      Air Conditioners

      Air conditioner articles

      Air Conditioner Buying Guide

      Air conditioners can greatly improve the comfort level in a home, especially during scorching summer days. And with today's models, you can find practically any type of air conditioner to suit your needs, whether you need to cool the entire home or a single room. Knowing which air conditioner will work best for your home is the hardest part, so it helps to have a little direction before attempting to buy one... read more

      How to Fix a Smelly Air Conditioner?

      How to Fix an Air Conditioner that is Leaking Water?

      Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

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