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How to find the right tablet

With so many different types and sizes of tablets on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one if you don't have a background in technology. From sizing to screen types to connectivity and operating system options, there are many choices to make when picking out a new tablet Instead of trying to make the best choice by yourself, let us help you simplify your decision-making.

One of the main differences in tablets is the display size. How you plan to use your new tablet determines the size you should buy. If you want to use your tablet to watch a lot of movies, share crystal clear photos or get deep into a high-def game, then it's best to pick a display that's around 11 inches or larger. For simpler tasks such as reading emails, browsing the web and utilizing helpful and entertaining apps, perhaps a display of 7-10 inches will be just the size you want without overpaying for unnecessary features. Finally, if you're looking for something extremely mobile, take a look at a display that's under 7 inches. Tablets may not be small enough to carry around in your pants pocket, but their light weight and slim dimensions can still keep you moble and connected as you go about your day.

If you're used to dealing with Windows or Android products, then you should stick with that operating system when selecting a tablet. Not only does it help just being familiar with the navigation and feel, but integrating and syncing your music, photos, contacts, applications and other info will be much easier when your tablet and computer are built to talk to one another.

Another factor to consider is Wi-Fi vs. 3G. Go for the Wi-Fi-only tablet if you plan on mostly using the tablet at home, in an office or other place that will have a consistent connection. 3G capable tablets are necessary for those constantly on the go who need to be able to access your top tablet apps practically anywhere, whether you're riding in a far-flung hotel room or taking the train into work. Just know that 3G comes with a monthly bill as well as usually paying more up front for the tablet itself.

While you're shopping for a tablet, don't forget to pick up other personal electronics to complement it. If you need something powerful to manipulate work spreadsheets or to run website design software, you might want to consider going for a full-sized laptop computer. On the other hand, if you're looking to get cozy on the couch with a good eBook or e-zine, the small size of an eReader is all you need. If you're looking for something in the middle, where you can check and write emails, watch movies, play games and even do some graphic design, then you for sure are in the market for a good tablet.

Once you have the basics decided, options in display size, design, mobility, price and the camera quality are all factors that you'll want to consider when trying to find the tablet that fits your needs. If all else fails, just pick out the one with the coolest color! No matter what choice you make, Sears has all the help and accessories you need, no matter what tablet you choose.