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Adding an upright stationary bike to your home gym lets you get an intense cardiovascular workout whenever your schedule permits. Bikes from ProForm, Schwinn and NordicTrack improve muscle tone and increase stamina by giving you the same kind of exercise you'd get at a gym or fitness center. Take advantage of built-in heart rate monitors and pre-programmed workout routines to get in shape quick. Along with máquinas inclinadas and other fitness equipment from Sears, you can build a collection that encourages exercise by making it both convenient and fun.

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Get great workouts at home with an upright stationary bike

Don't let the busy pace of life keep you from getting a good workout. With an upright stationary bike, you can fit in a quick ride any time. Instead of having to drive to the gym, you can simply walk into your living room, hop on the bike and start exercising. Sears carries a variety of exercise bikes and accessories that let you build an efficient gym right at home.

Recumbant cycles may be more comfortable for some people than upright models. These types of bikes put the rider in a slightly reclined position, offering extra support for the hips and lower back. If you're just starting out with an exercise program or you suffer from any kind of joint pain, you can still get a good workout with a recumbent cycle. Schwinn, NordicTrack and other popular brands make many styles of bikes for all fitness levels. Start small with a pedal exerciser that you can use while watching television or even under the desk while you're working. Once you've built some strength, you can move up to a full-sized cycle. Some models feature a built-in electronic panel that gives you a choice of workouts and will track your heart rate, mileage and calories burned to help you gauge the effectiveness of your fitness program.

If you plan to invest in a stationary bike, don't forget the proper exercise cycle accessories to go with it. Bike mats protect floors from scratches and dings while keeping the bike in place as you ride to prevent potential accidents. You might also want to invest in some cycling gloves if you plan on riding a lot. These fingerless gloves offer a barrier between your hands and the handlebars of the cycle to keep you comfortable as you work out. Electronic pedometers and heart rate monitors let you track your progress over time.

Personal training equipment rounds out your home gym. Fitness DVDs give you structured plans for daily workouts and demonstrate proper form for all kinds of exercises. Follow along with popular instructors such as Jillian Michaels and work your way to a leaner, fitter body. Whether you want a cycling DVD to go along with your exercise bike or you're ready to mix things up a bit, Sears offers a large collection of workouts that you can mix and match to build the best possible training program. Try cardio DVDs to get your heart rate going or slow things down with some gentle yoga. When it comes to getting a good workout, variety is key.

Home gym equipment is a great way to fit exercise into any schedule. When you have what you need right in your own home, you don't have to worry about the expense of a gym membership or finding time to drive to the local fitness center. Shop Sears to find the exercise bike and personal fitness accessories that are right for you.



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