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      There's nothing more frustrating than motivating yourself to hit the gym only to find that all of the equipment you want to use is occupied. Save yourself the monthly gym fees and the commute to your local gym by working out in the comfort of your own home. Sears' home gym equipment ranges from fitness stations and weight systems to treadmills and elípticas. Shop for individual machines such as leg extension and curl machines, or maximize the space in your home gym with a personal workout system that could include a range of strengthening weight routines.

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      Sculpt your body at home with home gym equipment

      Working out at home is not only more comfortable and convenient than commuting to the local gym, but it's also more cost effective in the long run than paying monthly gym fees. Stock up on the home gym equipment that's most important to your exercise routine with Sears' great selection of home fitness equipment. You'll find a great variety of items for your home gym, ranging from stand-alone machines and weight benches to all-in-one models that allow for a range of different exercises on a single workout system.

      If you're transforming your basement or garage into a home gym area, equip yourself with a machine for every muscle, from a shoulder press and lateral upper body pull to a leg extension and curl machine. At Sears, you'll also find space-saving equipment to work out every area of your body with just one system. You can also add to an existing home gym with essential items such as chin-up or pull-up equipment, exercise pads, resistance bands and other equipo de ejercicios.

      Whether you're completing an existing gym area or starting from scratch, you'll love the range of high-quality home gym items for sale at Sears.


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