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Entrenamiento de fuerza y peso

Create a home gym with weight lifting equipment

If you want to sculpt your body without having to join a gym, you can create a home gym with your own weight training equipment. Sears carries plenty of weights and fitness equipment for performing all kinds of exercises. Find body weights and vests for increasing the difficulty as you do pull-ups and push-ups. Invest in individual dumbbells for performing arm curls and dumbbell presses, or opt for a complete home gym, which includes leg curl bars, butterfly attachments and several hundred pounds of weight all in a single machine.

From foam rollers to gym bags to athletic shoes, find the accesorios para ejercicios you need for your home gym. We have inversion accessories such as boots and headrest pillows for maximizing the effect of inversion tables. You'll also find infrared heat therapy cushions for use with most inversion tables.

Improve the way you look and feel with strength training equipment for your home gym. Invest in sports accessories like health monitors and water bottles to enhance your workout, and relax your mind and body after working out with an inversion table and heating pad accessories. Shop the weight lifting equipment for sale at Sears for affordable fitness solutions for your home.