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      Master your hunting trips with Sears

      When you're tracking deer deep in the woods or waiting for ducks in hip-deep marsh mud, having the right gear in your duffel bag or backpack can mean the difference between filling your tags and coming home empty handed. Failure to prepare reduces your accuracy and limits the amount of time you can spend in pursuit. Pick your gear carefully in advance and you'll be ready for anything. Use the Sears hunting gear finder to get your hands on the perfect load-out for capturing the toughest prey.

      The hunting tools you'll need depend on where your quarry hides. Grab the best extreme-weather-grade environmental equipment if you want to keep up as the seasons change. It's harder to concentrate in bad weather, so stay warm with ThermoLogic Heated vests and gloves. All you need is a Lithium Ion battery to dial the temperature up or down as you desire, but remember that your body isn't the only thing that needs environmental protection. Our tough-as-nails Voodoo Tactical cases keep weapons as ready as you are, and their mounting points ensure that you'll never have to leave your position while you wait for the perfect moment to strike. Readiness is essential, and even casual fishing trips on the open waterare more fun when you've prepared the right boating equipment. Gear like our MACH-1 Tactical Fishing/Hunting vests ensure that you've always got the extras you need to clean your catches and get back to casting.

      The length of your trip and the types of animals you want to pursue also play a role in what kind of equipment you bring. Condor Assault Packs and other military gear are perfect for long excursions because they generally have far more tactical compartments than you'll find in a regular backpack. They're great for storing specialty fishing gear like our Boomerang Fishing Pliers. These are essential for any angler who wants to switch their lines or lures up as they go, and with a convenient holster, you can attach them to your vest or belt. Mix and match your accessories to get the perfect set, combining items like our Mil-Spec self-sharpening sheaths with your favorite knife to cut down on your workload and focus on spotting new prey.

      You can't catch what you can't see, so it's important to pick up the right optics. Improve your accuracy over long distances with flip-up units like our Barska front sights, and never miss another tricky shot because of inferior equipment. These sights fold away for storage and attach to many different firearms and rails. For even harder targets, grab an independent spotting scope from Barska or an NcStar laser sight. These tough-bodied optics not only make you a better shot in all types of terrain, they increase your confidence about taking your targets down.

      Excursions are more fun when you're ready for the unexpected. Outfit yourself for your next fishing or hunting trip with Sears today, and stay calm in the thick of the hunt.