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Enhance the radiance of any room with lighting decor

Show off your beautiful decor under the warm glow of decorative lighting. From crystal-studded chandeliers to tiny nightlights, Sears has wonderful options to illuminate any room of the home with the flip of a light switch. Decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces with wonderful fixtures, lamps and accessories

Larger lighting fixtures can act as a bold statement pieces. Enhance the ambiance of a dining room with a lovely ceiling light. A stained-glass design adds color, while bronze sconces cast a gentle glow over a family dinner. Floor lamps brighten up the living room with their tall, swooping designs. Add a light bulb to a vintage wooden torch arm lamp to warm up a traditional space or try a sleek torchiere to match a modern aesthetic. Add a dimmer switch for adjusting the amount of light in a room to your exact specifications.

A colorful nightlight is a soothing addition in a children's room. The decorative designs and soft light help little ones feel calm before drifting off to sleep. The compact size of table and desk lamps saves space in a cramped home office, dormitory or studio apartment. Try an energy-efficient LED desk lamp that won't overheat next to a warm computer.  Sears also carries lamp shades and accessories to add a personal touch to any store-bought base. Your home decor will shine bright with gorgeous lighting solutions.