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Kenmore cookware 

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Cookware Sets starting at $39.99

Cookware Sets starting at $39.99
Cookware Sets starting at $39.99
Cookware Sets starting at $39.99
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Pans, Skillets, Griddles & Sauciers starting at $15.99

Cookware Sets starting at $39.99
Cookware Sets starting at $39.99
Cookware Sets starting at $39.99
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utensilios de cocina


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Seasonal Essentials

Just as your kitchen menu changes with the seasons, so should your cookware selection. Stock pots and steamers are must-haves when entertaining guests.

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Stock Pots Uses
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Kitchen Cookware: Get the Best Kitchen Ware and Kitchen Pots

Whether you are an experienced cook, or new to your kitchen, it’s always important to have the right kitchen cookware to prepare a simple meal for one, two, or a large celebration with family and friends.

Starting with basic kitchen pots and kitchen pans, you can choose from non-stick, which are great for beginners, or stainless steel and cast-iron for even heat distribution and long-lasting value. Try ceramic in a variety of bright colors if you're looking for something new and cheerful to spice up your kitchen ware.

Buy cookware in sets if you're just moving into a new apartment or home; or you can buy single pots and pans for specific purposes, such as sauté pans, oven roasters, fry pans, griddles, sauce pans, or stock pots. Remember to buy utensils such as can openers, knives, serving spoons and spatulas, along with fun and useful gadgets such as salad spinners, peelers and graters.

For high quality and best cooking results, buy the brands you know such as Kenmore, Calphalon, Cuisinart and Farberware. And don't forget your favorite celebrity chefs -- such as Rachael Ray, Cake Boss, Guy Fieri and Wolfgang Puck -- all have full lines of high quality, professional-tested cookware, for everyday meals and special celebrations.