How to Wear Accessories: Maximizing Your Wardrobe with the Perfect Accessories

Women know how difficult it can be to put together the perfect outfit. Everything needs to be factored when deciding what to wear: weather, occasion, location, color scheme, mixing prints and so much more. When looking in the mirror, it seems as though something is missing from your outfit. Before you decide to try on more combinations of tops with skirts or pants, grab a belt or throw on some jewelry to get the most of your look. Men won't understand this like other women can, but there is a process and formula when wearing the right accessories.

El accesorios you wear can change the style of your outfit. Consider this: you have lunch reservations to meet your boyfriend's parents for the first time, and you have plans later to go out with your friends but won't have time to go home. With the right accessories, you can take any outfit from day to night. If you're wearing a skirt and blouse to lunch, pair your outfit with modest jewelry, comfortable flats and a hobo bag. Keep a statement necklace, a waist-accentuating belt and a pair of heels in your bag to change into on your way to drinks with your girlfriends.

When shopping for the perfect accessories, think of what the clothes you have and what types of social events you usually attend. If you only own one Little Black Dress and one cocktail dress, but rarely attend any formal events, you probably don't need four evening bags. However, there's a chance that you own the latest trends in women's accessories, or have accessories accumulating, but don't know how to properly utilize them. Sears is here to help you maximize your wardrobe with versatile accessories for women so you can transform any outfit, from casual chic to glitz and glam.

Look through your closet and see that you own several of the most versatile women's accessories: belts, handbags, scarves, sunglasses, leggings and especially jewelry. Although you may know not realize it, there's more than one way to wear your accessories. From functional to fashionable, there's a rhyme and reason to all of women's accessories. You just need to know how to wear the right accessories.


Belts come in different sizes, thicknesses and textures and can dress be dressed up or dressed down. Sin embargo, women's belts are for more than just to hold up your pants or skirt. Today, belts are worn more often outside of the belt loops, accentuating women's waistlines and creating an overall new look. When the waist of your dress feels loose or undefined, wrap a thin patent belt or a braided belt around your waist. Add a thick elastic waist belt with your dress or skirt ensemble as the perfect statement accessory.


Whether it's for everyday wear or for a special occasion, wearing jewelry is a big deal in women's fashion. With different types of joyería de fantasía available, you can wear them to work, casually and even for cocktail affairs. For special occasions, like weddings and formal events, wear diamonds and gemstone jewelry. Of course all women's jewelry needs to match the outfit, so make sure you get all types of jewelry that are versatile and complementarily in metals and colors.

Purses and clutches

Purses no longer have to match shoes or the colors of your outfit. Instead, mix and match colors and patterns for more depth in your wardrobe. Carry a mint green cross body purse with your pastel pink ankle pants and white blouse. A red clutch with your Little Black Dress adds the perfect pop of color. Whether you should carry a purse or a clutch depends on the occasion and your sense of style. How much do you carry with you? Are you going to a formal event or out with your girlfriends? The type of bolso you carry depends on where you're going. 


No longer just for winter, light scarves in a variety of patterns, prints and fabrics can be worn year round to give more depth to your look. There are many different ways to tie a scarf, so you don't have to conform to the same wraparound look as your winter scarf. Different knots and combinations turn your scarf into works of art. Scarves can be worn in more ways than one too: wear a scarf as a belt, a makeshift bandeau top or a headscarf.

You have plenty of versatile accessories in your closet, you just have to look. Don't assume your women's accessories, especially scarves or leggings, can only be worn in one way. On the contrary, accessories are meant to be use multiple ways for every occasion. Look to Sears for inspiration on the best ways to wear women's accessories, and be amazed by the wonderful options that lay before you.

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