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Blast fall away with a powerful leaf blower

Gone are the days of raking your yard for hours at a time; a leaf blowers can help you keep your yard clear and uncluttered whether your trees drop their leaves all on the same day or over the course of several weeks. What used to be a backbreaking chore is now just a few minutes with a fun power gardening tool that is both handy and versatile. Leaf blowers may also come as part of lawn tool combo kits that can include recortadoras or helpful anexos para herramientas para césped, such as vacuum collection systems.

If you want to blow some leaves off of your sidewalk or driveway, then an electric leaf blower from Sears is the perfect option for you. Lightweight and easy to carry, electric leaf blowers are great for when you just want to plug in your tool and complete a task quickly. If you want to blow leaves off your entire yard, an electric blower is nice, especially if you get a cordless model that gives you the freedom to work on your yard without tripping over a cord. For those who want a leaf blower that literally goes the distance, a gas-powered leaf blower is the perfect choice. You will get a ton of power and the freedom to blow leaves in all corners of your property. And with trusted brands like Craftsman offering handy backpack-style blowers, you wont have to worry about being sore tomorrow morning.

Your leaf blower from Sears can also do double duty as a small yard vacuum, sucking up small twigs and debris with ease. Vacuum bag attachments make removal and collection a breeze, which means you can get the yard chores done sooner, leaving more time for hobbies and family. The vacuum function is also a great way to collect yard waste for your compost. In fact, Sears sells several models leaf blowers that include mulcher options, so you can cut down your yard waste to perfectly-sized bits of compost material, without a huge investment in multiple tools.

The power of a good leaf blower is not just for clearing off a small surface. With a leaf blower from Sears, you will be able to round up the leaves into the perfect pile for outdoor play, and keep them collected after every death-defying jump. When the fun is all done, your blower will easily propel your leaves toward the yard waste pile or out into the street for pickup. While you may have learned the value of hard work by raking your neighbors yard free of leaves as a child, you will enjoy the luxuries that come with adulthood and a powerful and efficient leaf blower. Let Sears help you find the perfect leaf blower for your yard management needs so you can spend less time caring for your yard and more time enjoying it.


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