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Shop Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

A beautiful yard doesn’t happen by itself, and self-propelled mowers are great for lending a helping hand. These hard working designs have the technology that allows you to simply steer while they cut. 

Sears Push Mowers
Sears Reel Mowers
Sears Electric Mowers
Sears Electric Mowers

Sears has the tools you need to take pride in the grass stains. Whether you prefer push mowers, reel mowers or electric mowers, we’ve got what you need to get the job done.


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Concierta una cita con un experto

Concierta una cita con un experto

Nuestro equipo de expertos te saca las dudas de lo que necesitas para tu patio. Programar una cita es fácil. Or, you can call 1-888-810-5924 for immediate assistance.

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Haz que tu nueva cortadora de césped funcione como nueva por más años con la MEJOR protección garantizada.

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Descuento con tarjeta de crédito

Descuento con tarjeta Sears

Suscríbete para una tarjeta Sears y obtén ofertas exclusivas para tarjetahabientes, opciones de financiamiento y más. 

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Centro informativo de Sears sobre accesorios para tractores

Accesorios para tractores

Mira cómo actualizar tu cortadora de césped con accesorios para tractores te puede ayudar a obtener resultados profesionales en menos tiempo.

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Artículos del centro informativo

Comprar una cortadora de césped

Comprar una cortadora de césped

Comprar una cortadora de césped involucra mucho más de lo que piensas.

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Gas vs. Electric Mower

Gas vs. Electric Mowers

Based on your needs and wants, gas or electric could make all the difference.

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Corded vs. Battery Powered Mowers

Corded Electric vs. Rechargeable Electric Mowers

Do you know the benefits of each? We've got a side-by-side comparison.

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All Sears Lawn Mower Articles

All Lawn Mower Articles

From  general tips and buying guides to how-tos, this information is great for anyone with a yard.

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Keep your grass in pristine shape with a powerful lawn mower from Sears

No matter the size of your property, a quality lawn mower can help make your grass easy to maintain. Sears has push and riding mowers to make lawn care as simple as possible. Breeze through acres of farmland with a zero turn lawn tractor, or take care of a modest yard with a lightweight push mower.

When tending to acres of land, a riding mower or tractor will save time and energy on strenuous lawn care maintenance projects. Hop into the cushioned seat of a zero turn mower and grab ahold of the steering wheel. Even when taking sharp turns, this agile device can easily keep up. Heavy-duty lawn mowers have the power to slice through overgrown grass and shrubs without slowing down. Many models even accept attachments, like mulch kits and spreaders, to further develop and care for your lawn.

Homeowners with smaller plots of land may prefer a compact mower that takes up less space in the outdoor storage shed. Push mowers and self-propelled models cut grass evenly as you walk along your property. Many models have adjust the handles to accommodate any user's height. Whether you're cutting a large piece of property or small area, Sears carries a wide selection of lawn mowers to take control of any landscaping project.