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      Tillers prepare your lawn for planting and optimal growth

      Your seasonal planting routine is simple and easy with a tiller from Sears. Tillers help refresh and invigorate your soil to get it ready for the planting season. By kicking up a layer of topsoil, you are giving oxygen to the earth and disrupting the growth of unwanted materials. For seeds that require shallow planting, like grass seeds, tillers can reduce the amount of time you spend digging and give you more time for other projects. Sears offers a variety of tillers that will work in any yard.

      Sears offers tillers in small, medium and large sizes. If you already have a shed full of garden power tools, you know that storage space is a hot commodity, so it is important to have a tiller that is the right size for both your yard and your storage area. Small gardens will benefit from mini-tillers, which offer powerful action in a tiny package. Medium tillers will work for most lawns if you have a little garage space to spare. A large tiller from Sears is the perfect solution to large yards or garden plots that need a little extra tender loving care. The large size is great for covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time, making it economical.

      If you take pride in the appearance of your lawn, Sears is here to help make sure you can stay proud all season long. Ya sea que bordeadoras de césped to control unwanted growth or a tiller to promote growth in hard terrain, you are in luck. Sears has both front tine and rear tine tillers to help you find the perfect tool for your soil. If you have fairly manageable soil and you want a hardy machine that can handle basic yard tasks, a front tine tiller is the way to go. Since the tines move in tandem with the wheels, these tillers are easy to use and you won't break a sweat when you are pushing them around the yard. Rear tine tillers are perfect for tough dirt. With thick tires and shields to protect you from splatter, rear tine tillers are the ultimate in tough lawn maintenance. These machines work well in difficult soil, digging up and cultivating even the hardest spaces.

      Your seasonal lawn and garden routine is incomplete without a tiller from Sears. A tiller, like other lawn and garden tools, and streamline your planting routine and save you a little soreness by delivering extra power and elbow grease to your yard tasks. Stock up on all the basics from cortadores de leña to leaf blowers to tillers, so that you can cut your gardening time in half and actually spend some time enjoying your outdoor living space.



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