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      Be ready for your next project with the right garage accessories

      If you're someone that likes to spoil your car by constantly adding aftermarket parts or components, chances are your garage is a place where you like to get some work done. It's important that you have the right garage accessories ready whenever you start your next automotive project. Sears has a large selection of durable, high-quality accessories to give you hand no matter how big or small the job is.

      Any garage that is used for automotive work should have a car jack. Whether you're swapping tires or doing work on the undercarriage, you need to have a sturdy scissor jack or heavy duty bases para gatos to lift your vehicle off the ground. If you have a car that you frequently change tires on, consider a manual tire changer to help you out. Sears carries Larin manual tire changers, which can mount and lower almost any size tires.

      If you're hands-on with your vehicle, chances are you like to change the oil on your own in the garage. We carry different types of motor oil and fluids, funnels and hoses to get the job done efficiently. No matter what job it is, it's important to have a durable gas can to store any excess fluid in. You'll find a wide range of gas cans, including larger ones to put on your shelf or plastic, collapsible cans to put in keep in your trunk so you're prepared for any emergency.

      Maybe you have a classic hot rod or muscle car that you also store in your garage. If that's the case, you need a vehicle cover in your garage to keep your classic car protected at all times. Sears also has a collection of covers you can use to shield smaller recreational vehicles or lawn mowers, so they can stay spotless when not being used. If you like to regularly work on classic cars or lawn equipment in your garage, make sure to get the proper heavy duty tools and a creeper to work underneath the vehicle.

      From car jacks to automotive tools, it's important to have the necessary accessories in your garage at all times. You'll find accessories that can help with any automotive project and keep you garage organized. Sears has all the high-quality, durable equipment you need for any task.


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