Shopping for Lingerie: Tips for Buying More than Panties

When women think lingerie, they usually think of the basic intimates: workaday bras and panties from brands like Playtex and Hanes. However, ropa interior para mujer are more than just the fabric and wires that keep your privates covered and your chest perky. Think of everything you keep in your underwear drawers. Besides all your bras and different types of panties, you probably own a few pairs of tights and pantyhose, a body shaper or two, a lingerie set and maybe a slip. All of these are considered intimates since they are undergarments and protect your lady parts covered, nipped and tucked where need be.

How do you go about shopping for your lingerie and panties? Do you shop according to outfit needs or for special occasions? There may be some intimates that you haven't considered or have looked over because you're not sure how or when to wear them. Thankfully, there are a few things to consider when you shop for those sexy secrets that make the experience easier.

Lingerie sets

When it comes to bedroom wear, comfy pajamas from Laura Scott and Vanity fair are nice for day-to-day, but a special night deserves a scpecial garment. Lingerie sets can spice up a romantic night, whether or not you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday or romantic holiday. You don't need a reason to entice your partner or to feel sexy in the bedroom. With matching lingerie, you'll radiate confidence and sensuality that is absolutely irresistible. Proper fitting sheer or lacy sets come in a various colors and styles, so you can mix up how you entice your man.

Prendas modeladoras

You have those unsightly panty lines that are ruining your outfit. Even when wearing a thong, you're not feeling as sexy as you thought in that slim-fitting dress. Whether it's to hide panty lines or to help you suck in a little bit of tummy, body shapers are a girl's best friend when it comes to getting that perfect silhouette. Shapewear comes in various styles, focusing on the lower body, upper body, waist or full body. Don't think of body shapers as the girdles your grandmother wears. Instead, think of them as an affordable alternative if you don't have enough time to squeeze in hours of working out.

Slips and liners

No longer an undergarment of the past, wearing slips is making a strong comeback. Stop thinking of slips as something your grandmother wears?besides, she knows how to rock it. Eliminate static cling or summer sweat stickiness and wear a slip to protect against you dress getting into someplace it shouldn't. You may think it's just another layer of clothes to wear, but slips are so lightweight that you barely notice them. Plus, rather than spending time picking and pulling at your skirt, you'll be able to enjoy your day.


Fashion has been leaning more towards legwear more and more, especially sheer pantyhose and opaque colored tights. Depending on the occasion, the hosiery you wear could add a dimensional element to your outfit. Sheer nude pantyhose leave your legs looking smooth and shiny, while opaque patterned tights add a fun appearance to a basic outfit. Don't be scared to try something new, especially when it comes to hosiery.

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