Decode the Dress Code: Dockers Uniforms

25 de julio de 2014
It's hard to be best dressed in class when everyone is required to wear the same outfit-that is, unless their uniform is by Dockers. Known for polished, perfect-fit, school-approved styles, it's the brand loved by kids-slash-overachievers. Leer más

It’s Going Down: Introducing Pitbull Man

24 de julio de 2014
For everyone who has been anxiously anticipating the launch of Pitbull Man at Sears, we have a big announcement: The first men’s scent by “Mr. Worldwide” has just landed in stores, and it was worth the wait. Leer más

Leaders of the Pack: Our Fave Back-to-School Backpacks

23 de julio de 2014
As they'll be carrying them for nine months straight, they'll want a backpack that makes the grade. The checklist? It must be equipped to haul it all, plus feature a standout print or shade. Leer más

5 Minutes With BONGO Girl Vanessa Hudgens

22 de julio de 2014
Lucky us! Not only did we get to hang out on the set of BONGO’s latest, back-to-school photo shoot, but we got the chance to corner BONGO girl Vanessa Hudgens for a quick Q&A. Leer más

Your Guide to a Fashion-Filled Week

21 de julio de 2014
Introducing searsStyle7, a weekly agenda for the fashion-obsessed set. We'll be posting it right here every Monday so you can make plans to do all the things you love. This week? You'll want to start shopping back-to-school essentials by BONGO and more. Leer más