Up His Game: New Everlast Workout Wear

4 de marzo de 2015
At last, you've found a great workout buddy-someone who holds you to your 5am runs and makes your sweat sessions a lot more fun. The only thing you'd change? His go-to uniform. Enter the Everlast activewear collection. Leer más

The 2015 Workout Wear Checklist

3 de marzo de 2015
Building a complete gym wardrobe? No sweat! All you'll need are current takes on six workout favorites. We'll coach you through it. Leer más

Your Guide to a Fashion-Filled Week

2 de marzo de 2015
Finally, it's the beginning of March-AKA, the winter homestretch. Spring is in sight, so we're getting set by filling our closet with swimwear and dresses. Come March 20, we'll be ready. Leer más

New Looks for His Lineup: Structure Spring 2015

27 de febrero de 2015
We're no strangers to the fact that shopping for him can go wrong-and that, if you don't play it right, it could be off the table for good. Our advice? Count on the Structure Spring 2015 collection, as it's full of modern takes on the styles he loves. Leer más

Compare + Contrast: Pick a Black + White Handbag

26 de febrero de 2015
We admit it: When it comes to choosing our seasonal handbag, we tend to see things in black-and-white. If it's not one-hundred-percent perfect, we don't even consider it. Luckily, the new Metaphor styles check every box on our list. Leer más