The Memorial Day Effect: It’s All About Bright White

26 de mayo de 2015
The latest collection by always-chic Metaphor is heavy in covetable, all-white styles. Think of-the-moment culottes, crisp blazers and shorts. Now that Memorial Day has passed, go ahead: White out! Leer más

Your Guide to a Fashion-Filled Week

25 de mayo de 2015
And, just like that, summer is on! If you're like us, you waited all winter for this-so feel free to celebrate all week: Hit the beach and a few parties, and fill your closet with hot-weather necessities-including a new go-to bikini. Leer más

This is How We Roll: Our Go-To Summer Road Trip Playlist

22 de mayo de 2015
For us, one of the main thrills of summer will forever be the three-day road trip. We grab our keys, gather our friends, roll down the windows and just relax. It's always more about the journey than the destination, so we never forget a sing-along-worthy playlist. Leer más

Country Strong: Show Your Pride in Stars + Stripes

21 de mayo de 2015
Stars and stripes. Call them the Americana dream; in terms of fashion trends, it doesn't get more festive. And, this season-even if you take a subtle approach to showing pride-you'll find plenty of ways to wear them. Leer más

So Fly: Need-Now (and Every Season) Aviator Sunglasses

21 de mayo de 2015
We're obsessed with the cost-per-wear calculator; it has dictated our fashion shopping for years. So, it makes sense that our closet is filled with classics versus come-and-go trends. Our next buy? Always-cool aviators. (We'll wear them on the daily, for seasons!) Leer más