searsStyle Staff Picks: Fourth of July Traditions

3 de julio de 2015
With the Fourth of July just a day away, we're already getting excited to celebrate. But, we have yet to settle on plans-so we hit up the searsStyle staff for inspiration. Here's what they love to do every year. Leer más

Wave the Flag: Festive Swim Styles for the Family

2 de julio de 2015
Give us an excuse to get dressed up, and we'll go all out-every single time. So, it makes sense that-in preparation for the Fourth-we're filling our closet with red, white and stripes. Leer más

Skimp Out: 3 Trends You Need to Stay Cool this Season

1 de julio de 2015
We've never been one to sacrifice our style, so-in preparation for hot weather-we're hitting the stores. Our mission? Pieces that are breezy and chic. These will be the first three we score. Leer más

Surf City: Summer-Essential Board Shorts for Him

30 de junio de 2015
Get him set for a summer in the sun with a pair-or a collection-of modern board shorts. The classic-comfortable style has been updated for the season with festive prints and the big trends of the moment. Leer más

Your Guide to a Fashion-Filled Week

29 de junio de 2015
At last, summer is in full effect-and we're enjoying it to the fullest. It's all vacation planning and fun-in-the-sun with the family. We could get used to this… Leer más