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Compresores de aire y herramientas de aire comprimido

Pack a serious punch with new air tools from Sears

Automotive work, construction and other demanding projects require tough tools for the job. Air tools help deliver the serious power you need to install new tires, paint a house or build a deck. Sears has air drills, impact wrenches and much more. With the right pneumatic tools in your toolbox, no job will stand in your way.

Accessorize your new air tools with durable hoses that will deliver high-pressure air efficiently while resisting leaks and corrosion. They come in a variety of lengths so you can move freely around the workshop or job site. Hose reels will keep the hose organized and tangle free, so you're always ready to pack up and move your equipment to wherever it's needed next at a moment's notice. Compressor accessory kits contain a number of great pieces that can help you keep your air compressor in great shape for years to come.

Sears has everything from inflators and paint spray guns to tough air hammers, nailer, staplers and a wide range of options in between. These tools will add versatility to your mechanic's tool set for performing anything from tire rotations to engine maintenance. When you need more force than your hand tools can provide, trust a tough air compressor to help you get the job done.