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Tackle home renovations using corded handheld power tools

Perform just about any home improvement task using corded handheld power tools and combo kits. Use corded and cordless handheld power tools for cutting, assembling and finishing a wide range of materials. From basics like drills and power hammers to professional tools like reciprocating saws, heat guns and grinders, you’ll find the right tools and replacement parts for your unique project at Sears. 

Easily slice through common woods, plastics, metals and more using the proper power saws. Circular saws feature a toothed disc for cutting thick materials. Achieve curved lines or cut in cramped spaces using a jig saw. When working with thin materials like plywood and wallboard, remove the need for drilling a pilot hole with spiral cutting tools. Instead of using a saw on laminate flooring and countertops, make clean cuts using specialty laminate trimmers.

After cutting the material for a project, smooth out rough surfaces using corded tools. Level wood or metal using a jointer or planer and hollow out specific areas on woodworking projects with a router. Sanders, buffers and polishers put the finishing touch on the surface. Easily assemble the cut and finished pieces using a brad nailers, glue guns and power staplers.

If your tool storage is nearly full, stock up on a few versatile rotary and oscillating multi-tools to save space. Use the various attachments to cut, sand, polish and more. Take control of home repairs with corded handheld power tools from Sears.