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Herramientas portátiles sin cable

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Work smarter with cordless handheld power tools

Cordless handheld power tools give you the freedom to do more around the workplace. You never have to worry about tripping over or plugging in cords, and you have a rechargeable battery that powers your tool for hours on a single charge. Sears carries hundreds of power tools from Craftsman and other popular name brands that maximize your work performance. Set aside your corded tools, and pick up a cordless circular saw and drill for your woodworking. Invest in cordless brad nailers and routers for your finishing work. Whether you buy your tools individually or in combo kits, work smarter with cordless power tools from Sears.

For DIY work around the home, household tool kits come in handy for installing new doorknobs or replacing a Kenmore dryer vent. A standard household kit should include cordless power hammers, cordless screwdrivers and cordless flashlights in case of emergencies. We also have home repair kits for repairing tears in your vinyl flooring or rips in your air mattresses. With a Craftsman tool kit and a Coghlan's repair kit, you have a powerful combination for repairing things in your home.

Whether you work in the carpentry business or you like to build things around the house, you need nails for almost every woodworking project. Choose from a variety of roofing, common and specialty nails from Craftsman, and invest in brad and finishing nails for your Senco cordless brad nailer. You have access to one-inch nails for installing shingles or tacking black paper to the walls, and the 2 1/2-inch nails come in straight and angled varieties to fit your specific cordless nailer.

With the right cordless power tools, you can mount, hang and install home hardware inside and outside of your house. For installing cabinet doors, use a cordless screwdriver to attach JSI soft close hinges to the cabinetry. Use a cordless power hammer to mount "No Trespassing" signs to your property, and use adhesives and menders to seal your windows and reduce drafts coming into the house. Replace your old air vents with Welland white oak wall vents, and secure your home's basement with a protective window well that prevents rain and snow from entering your home. Whether you need closet hardware or cleaners and solvents, we have the home hardware you need to restore and remodel your home.

Use cordless handheld power tools to improve your mobility as you work. Check out household tool kits for replacing or installing home hardware around the house. With the right nail sizes, you can install new shingles or place the final finishing nails in your cabinetry. Come to Sears for even more affordable cordless power tools and accessories for all of your household projects.