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      Whether you are working on a construction or repair project, few tools are as handy as a pair of pliers. Sears carries a wide range of quality plier sets capable of handling any job. Our pliers will allow you to cut wire, pull out staples and do all sorts of other tasks. With the help of one of our heavy duty vises, you can use our pliers to bend and shape wire and metal objects quickly and easily. Sears carries the most popular brands of plier sets including Craftsman, Stanley and Channelllock, which will have you prepared for any work situation.

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      Get the right grip with plier sets

      Plier sets contain a collection of tools for a variety of tasks. Craftsman plier sets give you the choice of several different types of pliers or multiple sizes of the same type. Variety sets typically include standard pliers, long nose pliers and adjustable pliers. Cutting pliers that can cut wire, cable or plastic ties may be included as well. Sets of channel lock pliers provide a solid grip on bolts and serve as clamps on work pieces too. Standard-quality, affordable pliers sets can be used all around the house. Professional-quality sets from Craftsman and Knipex deliver the performance and durability you want in the shop or on the job site.

      Hex fasteners have a variety of applications, so having a range of hex keys is essential. We carry many different types of hex keys for the workbench or tool belt. Craftsman and Eklind make T-handle hex keys that produce excellent leverage for installing or removing fasteners. Keys with a ball end allow you to approach the hex head at an angle up to 30 degrees where space limitations prevent a straight fit. Cushion-grip hex keys offer greater comfort and are ideal for high-volume use. All types of hex keys come in both standard and metric sizes. Many sets include a handy carrying case or a desktop or mountable rack.

      Tool belts keep your pliers, hex keys and other tools handy when you're on the job. Our collection includes affordable canvas tool belts, sturdy vinyl belts and leather tool belts that the professional contractor will appreciate. Some tool belts are configured for specialized use by a house framer or an electrician. It's easy to accessorize your tool belt. Tool holders, hammer loops and drill holsters are just a few of the pouches and pockets that make it easier to organize your tools.

      Getting your tools to the work site in good shape is the job of hand tool carriers. Sears has a great selection from top brands like Craftsman, Trademark Tools and the Original Pink Box. Soft-sided vinyl or cloth bags from Westward are affordable and versatile, and they come in many attractive colors. Most have pockets on the interior and exterior to allow you to arrange your tools in the most useful way. They feature mouths that open wide for large hand tools and padded handles and shoulder straps for carrying comfort. Hard-sided hand tool carriers from Platt, Duratool and Pelican offer outstanding protection for tools in the back of the truck or on the job site.

      Sears is your one-stop store for hand tools and the accessories to store and tote them. Our selection of standard and contractor-grade tools gives you great options. Shop Sears for the hand tools and totes you need at prices you'll love.


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