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Select quality plumbing tools from Sears

When your home improvement projects include plumbing repairs and installation, plumbing tools from Sears will help you get the job done. Plumbing fixture replacement parts include faucet stems for leading brands like Kohler, Price Pfister and American Standard. Drain assemblies, connection hoses and shower heads are just a few of the hundreds of replacement parts at Sears. For installing water line and gas line, pipe fittings in all common diameters and shapes will help you make connections. We carry steel and brass fittings and PVC connectors to make repairs on any part of your plumbing system. Our selection of plumbing valves is outstanding too. We have the check valves, ball valves and spigots for every application. Homeowners and contractors will find drain cleaning machines for their purposes including affordable hand-held rooters and engine-driven commercial machines.

Tube benders save contractors and DIY homeowners time and money. When you have stock pieces of pipe with you, your tube bender will allow you to form it into the right shape to make your plumbing connection. Affordable tube benders from Empire or Superior Tool are a great for occasional tube bending. Contractors will appreciate commercial-grade tube benders from Gardner, Imperial Stride and Steel Dragon. They bend copper, aluminum and thin-walled steel tubing to pre-set or custom angles. Most tube benders handle pipe up to 1 in. in diameter.

Once you've installed the plumbing, you can hook up and use your laundry appliances. Sears has a great selection of clothes washer accessories. Hot and cold washer lines quickly connect the unit to the water supply outlets. If you have a front-loading washer, consider raising it to a more comfortable height with a washer pedestal. You'll find them for most brands including Kenmore, Whirlpool and LG. They come in an array of colors to match your washer, and many have drawers for storing laundry supplies. When picking up washer accessories, consider adding quality laundry products from Ultra Plus to your list. Powder and liquid laundry detergent gives you options for how you like to get clothes clean. Some liquid detergents include fabric softener or stain fighter for convenience.

If your projects around the house include electrical work, electrician cutting tools from Knipex will help you succeed while keeping you safe. Each tool has an insulated handle to reduce the risk of shock if you cut a live wire by mistake. Knipex diagonal cutters make clean cuts in cable and wire. Wire strippers handle any gauge of wire for residential and commercial use. A dismantling knife cuts cable quickly for removal.

We're your one-stop store for tools, parts and accessories for home improvement. Our huge selection means you'll always find what you want at a very competitive price. Make Sears your partner on every project, and we'll deliver what you need for success.