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Accesorios para herramientas eléctricas

Los miembros obtienen 50% de reembolso en puntos cuando compran un cargador y arrancador eléctrico portátil, una batería para herramientas o cargador de batería de la marca Craftsman.

Los puntos estarán disponibles 24 horas después de la compra y vencerán 14 después de la fecha del recibo. 

Oferta válida hasta el 4/01/17


Give your tools a tune-up with power tool accessories from Sears

Power tools see some of the toughest action on the job. In order to keep them healthy and running strong, you'll need a good supply of power tool accessories. These pieces will keep saws cutting smooth, drills turning and much more. Sears has a large selection of power tool parts that are built to help them perform various tasks, stay charged and sharp. Keep your tool box stocked with plenty of power tool parts so your gear ready.

Drills and drill presses come with a variety of bits to help them deliver the holes you need. Sears has plenty of bits, drill press accessories and more to help these tools work at their best. Band saw blades come in a variety of teeth ratings to help you cut through a variety of materials. Extra power tool batteries will make sure your cordless tools will always be charged and ready to go.

Stock up on the gear you need to make that to-do list a little bit shorter. Sears has everything from angle grinding wheels to table saw blades and everything in between. Whether you're a professional carpenter or are just working on some DIY home repairs, you'll need the power tool parts to help you get the job done.