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Accesorios para herramientas eléctricas

Save 20% On Power Tools Accessories

Save 20% On Power Tools


Find the right power tool accessories

Over the span of many decades, power tools and related accessories have made significant progress. These advancements help offer an assortment of capable instruments to complete various projects in your home or business. With our wide array of multitool accessories, Sears simplifies your search. It does not matter if you are a construction worker or a home improver on weekends; we have the tool for you.

If your project requires cutting, multifunction tool blades are favorable options. A blade like the SawStop Titanium Series Premium Woodworking Blade, which features a high-tooth edge for cutting plywood and other solid surfaces, is a formidable contender. It contains a titanium coating for extended wear and smoother, more precise cuts. Its superior precision and adaptability make this model an efficient choice, preventing you from buying several blades for different projects. In general, carbide and metal blades can cut almost any material, from metal pipe to wood trim and ceramic tile. With the Craftsman Nextec Rough Cut Blade, you have a multipurpose blade for both rough and fine cutting. These types of blades can prove a useful addition to your tool collection.

If you are looking for a holistic, powerful cutting tool, the Bosch GCM12SD 12-In. Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw and the Hitachi C15FB 15 Amp 15-In. Miter Saw can serve such a purpose. These models have considerable cutting versatility. The Hitachi model, for instance, can handle rough jobs and can slice through several types of woods and other materials. These textiles include plywood, ornamental veneers, hardboard, soft fiberboard and aluminum products.

A scroll saw is a common tool used for countless home and job site projects. The types of jobs you have dictate which hojas para sierra de calar would be ideal. These blades come in several variations to include skip tooth, reverse tooth, pin end and spiral scroll. Although a scroll saw blade is not for aggressive cutting and sawing, the multipurpose aspects of these blades help satisfy almost every scrolling application. They can contour and sand soft and hard wood, soapstone, plaster and nonferrous metals, including brass and copper.

When investing your hard-earned money into power tools or tool accessories, adequate tool storage is necessary. Toolboxes and other forms of almacenamiento de herramientas come in various shapes and sizes. Not only does a toolbox keep your tools organized, they also keep them clean, dry and better protected from intense weather changes. For instance, the Craftsman 72 in., six-drawer Ultimate Garage Workstation has plenty of room to store all your tools and accessories. Under a secure lock with designated slots, even your tiniest but critical tool parts that are prone to getting misplaced can have a secure yet accessible dwelling. Proper tool preservation means longer use, which also suggests you will spend less money on replacement tools. Among several options, you can choose boxes for your truck bed, or you can opt for carry-along toolboxes and even whole workstations on wheels.

Finding the right accesorios para herramientas eléctricas can be a stress-free endeavor. With our fierce tool selections, we help make every job you do a little easier. Whether you are building your first home or just fixing a cabinet door, the right tool for your next job can save you time, money and headaches. Shop Sears and get fixing today.