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Tackle your toughest projects with tool sets from Sears

Tasks that run the gamut from changing the oil in your car to building a shelf for the closet will be easier to complete when you're armed and ready with the right tool sets for the job. Sears stocks many tool collections for different uses, ensuring you can find the equipment that meets your specific needs. From auto body or mechanics tool sets to home owner or woodworking tool sets, your specialty is represented.

Whether working on cars is your business or a fun weekend hobby, you'll find the auto body and mechanics tool sets that provide the right assistance. Be prepared with essential auto tools, including wrenches and quick-release ratchets. Add socket sets or screwdriver collections to your tool chest, and you'll be ready for all kinds of auto projects. From a tire rotation to replacing brake pads, a tool set from Sears will help you ace each undertaking quickly. With such efficiency, you'll have time to handle other items on the to-do list, like upgrading cabinet hardware with our kitchen tools or replacing bathroom fixtures.

Fixing up around the house is easier with home owner tool sets. With smart, simplistic sets that cover the basics, you'll breeze through your Honey Do list. Choose a set that contains must-haves that everyone should have in his or her home, including a hammer, tape measure, utility knife and pliers, among other essentials. Whether you're simply hanging picture frames, or you're in the midst of a tougher assignment - like installing a new cabinet - our tool sets will help you take the DIY route. From tool collections to dinnerware sets, Sears offers the items you need to transform your home into everything you dreamed it could be.

For more specialized work or hobby projects, browse our array of electricians tool sets featuring instruments like wire strippers and cable rippers to help you get the job done. If carpentry is your forte, peruse our selection of woodworking tool sets for items like power-carving chisels and line laser level kits. Our strong and durable tools will reliably assist you with tasks both big and small, beginner and professional. Many of our tool collections even feature lifetime guarantees, providing you with true peace of mind. Go ahead, take a seat at the mesa de cocina, and make your list of projects. You're ready to tackle them with tool sets from Sears.

From around the house to around the garage, you'll be armed and ready to fix any problem with one of our quality tool sets. Whether you're a professional looking for field-worthy equipment, or you're a home owner seeking the basics, Sears has the tools you need. Shop tool sets from brands like Craftsman and Stanley, and handle any project that comes your way.