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Camas elásticas y juegos de columpios

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Ahorros entre 5% y 30% en camas elásticas, juegos de columpios, inflables y juegos para exterior. ¡Válido solo en línea! No incluye artículos en liquidación, en promoción ni con precio solo en línea. 

Oferta de Power Wheels

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Descuentos desde 5% a 20% en todo Power Wheels. Válido solo en línea en artículos de Sears. No incluye artículos en liquidación, en promoción ni con precio solo en línea. Oferta válida hasta el 10/31.

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Help kids learn, stay active and have fun with toys from Sears

Kids of all ages can let their imaginations run wild with new indoor and outdoor toys. Even the adults will have fun spending time with the family while teaching the kids new skills, making up games and finding exciting new ways to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Make going outside fun with outdoor play sets, trampolines, inflatables, bouncers, ride-on toys and pools. When it's raining outside, kids can play games on video game consoles or with handheld devices.

Encourage kids to tell stories and role play with action figures, stuffed animals or dolls.  Children can use remote control toys and cars, so the heroes and villains really can drive in and out of the scene. Go one step further and set up a race track with exciting obstacles and sharp turns to see who can reach the finish line first. If your little ones love to pretend, Sears even carries various dress-up toys and clothes for boys and girls.

Teach infants, preschoolers and grade school-aged kids with learning and development toys like board games. If your children show an interest in art and design, nurture their creativity with blocks, building sets and arts and crafts toys. You can even satisfy musically inclined kids with music toys and karaoke machines before they graduate to real guitarras and drums. Give your little ones more ways to learn, move and create with new toys from Sears.