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PlayStation 3


PlayStation 3 bundles provide everything you need

If you've been looking for a PlayStation 3, look no further. We have the console and all the accessories you need along with games, thanks to the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 250GB Mega Bundle with 4 Games and Accessories.

The PlayStation 3 system is filled with the multimedia features and functions you liked on Sony's earlier PlayStation 3 models; however, it also has advancements and refinements that you'll love. It shares with earlier models the IBM cell processor and NVIDIA graphics processor which, combined, perform an amazing 2 trillion calculations per second. But the 250GB PS3 is actually an improvement on that, thanks to the 45nm version of the processor. It runs at the same 60+nm speed, but takes less energy. In addition, you end up with a slimmer, sleeker console. In addition to the usual AV and composite connections, the system features a high-definition multimedia interface port. That gives you a digital picture that's uncompressed and unconverted, making it compatible with high-definition TVs and projectors. High-quality Dolby Digital sound is also part of the package.

Once upon a time, game consoles were islands; your console was limited to whatever was on the game itself. We've come a long way since. Your PS3 can connect to your personal computer network and PSP or PlayStation Vita games. With the hard disc drive, you can save entire games, bonus content and any other Internet download. Once you're connected, you'll have free access to the PlayStation Network (PSN). That means you can download games, movies and more. You can also compete in tournaments and chat with friends. In addition, the console functions as a high-quality Blu-ray player.

Sometimes the most important touches are the smallest, and that's where the PS3 shines. Originally found in the PlayStation 2, pressure sensors found in each action button have been improved, making explosions, crashes and hits more realistic. They also detect natural movements. New Bluetooth technology allows for wireless play. Dualshock 3 uses the detachable USB cable to charge the controller whenever it's connected to the PS3. Thanks to Bravia Synch, you control Sony devices connected to your PS3 via an HDMI cable with one simple button.

Bundles are a great buy, which can provide you with games, cables, remote and more. Of course, if you want more games or accessories, Sears has those, too. Or perhaps you'd prefer the PlayStation 3 System Classic White 500GB Instant Game Collection Bundle, PlayStation 3 Epic Mickey: Power of 2 Bundle or PlayStation 3 500GB Assassin's Creed III Bundle.

Advance your play with attachments that get you in on the game's action. Check out the PlayStation Move 14-in-1 Family Pack from CTA. You'll get two golf attachments, two sword attachments, two handles for the motion controllers, two motion control pistols, two ping-pong paddle attachments, two wrist straps, one archery attachment and one Frisbee attachment. Try a racing wheel to feel like you're on the track at the Indy 500 or a soccer kick pad to immerse yourself in the World Cup.

Sears has everything you need to get in the game. Whether you're still deciding between aPS3 vs. a PS4, we can get you gaming again in no time.


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