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Home Theater Projectors and Screens from Sears

Bring the intensity of the movie theater into your home with a home theater projector. Imagine a crystal clear image larger than your television. Home theater projectors take up less space, yet they provide the biggest viewing area. Likewise, prices are comparable to modern high definition TVs. This makes home theater projectors a very competitive option among your choices for upgrading home entertainment. Sears offers a wide assortment of home theater projectors that can allow your dream of home theater to be easily realized.

Value projectors are priced to compete against televisions. Although most are not high-definition, you might enjoy having a larger screen instead of greater detail. Many people find that the bigger picture outweighs the enjoyment they get from a smaller screen with more detail. However, a few value-priced projectors offer high-definition. One of the more competitively priced options is the Vivitek 1080p Home Theater Projector.

A high-definition projector produces the same quality of image as a modern HDTV. To qualify as true high-definition, the projector must produce at a level of 1080p. That means there are 1080 pixels from one side of the screen to the other. In addition, makers of 3D televisions are beginning to offer three-dimensional projectors. One of the most up-to-date and high-tech 3D projectors is the 3D SharpVision 1080p.

A projector screen is one of the accessories you'll need to consider when buying a home theater projector. Some are as simple as the manual pull-down screens. Others can be electronically extended from the push of a button. If you would like the screen to be a permanent fixture, then you may want to consider a framed screen. You can examine more of your options by seeing the list of Sears projector screens.

Home theater projectors can bring life to your home entertainment. Shop Sears for a wide assortment of home theater projectors that can give you the largest picture you've ever enjoyed at home.