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Sears has all the TV cables you need to connect your home theater equipment

High-definition audio video equipment is becoming more and more affordable. Large-screen TVs that once cost thousands of dollars can be had for a fraction of the price. Whether you're picking up a small HDTV for the bedroom or decking out your den with a massive flat screen, you will need TV cables to connect all your home theater devices. Different equipment can require different cables, and Sears stocks all the ones you might need.

To see what types of television cables you will need, look at the outputs on the devices you want to connect. Then double check your TV to see if it has the same input. If you use a projector screen, pay special attention as those devices might not have the same number of inputs as a television. You may need to route your devices through an audio video receiver to make sure everything will work with your TV projector.

DVD and Blu-ray players, video game consoles, and audio video receivers will give you a choice of choice of outputs. Older home theater devices and televisions will have slightly more limited connectivity. Standard-definition TVs will often have multiple composite video inputs as well as an S-video input. Modern HDTVs will also have one or two composite inputs but generally lack S-video. If you have a VCR or older video game console, Sears stocks a variety of composite and S-video home theater cables so you can keep your legacy equipment humming.

To take advantage of any high-definition features supported by more modern equipment, you will want to use component or HDMI TV cables. HDMI supports audio, video and sometimes Internet data transmission over a single cable. This not only means cleaner wiring, but also HDMI cables support higher quality audio formats so you can hear movies, music and video games exactly the way the producers intended. Both component and HDMI cables can transmit video at up to 1080p resolution. The new 4K Ultra HD video standard offers double the resolution of 1080p and you'll want to have the cables you need to take advantage of the life-like pictures these televisions deliver. In order to maintain your home theater equipment, consider adding a TV accessory starter kit to your setup. TV starter sets can include an HDMI cable for connecting your high-definition device, a surge protector to shield your valuable equipment from power spikes and cleaning cloths to keep dust at bay.

TV cables come in a variety of lengths, shapes and even colors. Each offers a variety of purposes to optimize your home theater. Whether you're looking to connect your trusty VCR or the latest 3D Blu-ray player, Sears has all the television cables you need to enjoy your home theater equipment.