Everyday uses for your mini multi-tool

Everyone is familiar with the mini multi-tool. Since the Leatherman released a pocket-sized edition, people have been excited to carry around a tool that will do just about any small task. Though most people associate the multi-tool with home projects and handyman tasks, it is actually useful in a variety of situations, whether you are at home, in the office or on the road.

Have you ever had one of those moments where something little breaks on your car and you just wish you had a screwdriver on hand to fix it? Mini multi-tools have several little tools on them that are perfect for when you are in a jam and it simply can't wait until you are home. While you are hardly going to change a tire with your multi-tool, it is still helpful for fixing the delicate parts of your car's interior, as well as quick fixes under the hood. Your mini multi-tool might even be strong enough to work as a makeshift hammer in order to nudge something into its proper place.

In the office

Mini multi-tools are fantastic for the office. With limited cubicle space, you probably don't have enough room for a full toolbox, but we all know stuff breaks, and it is sometimes easier to fix it yourself instead of waiting on the maintenance or tech guys to come do it. A mini tool can help you open up the side of your computer for cleaning, cut open boxes, remove staples and fix that squeaky wheel on your chair. It's not like you need a fancy cordless drill to do all of these fixes, so why not save a little time and do them yourself? With a screwdriver, pliers and a blade, you can fix just about anything and get back to work in no time.


It might seem obvious to take a tool with you on camping trips or wilderness family adventures. Everyone knows you will need the knife at the very least. However, you may also get some good use out of your multi-tool on a trip to an amusement park or in the hotel. The best mini multi-tool for vacations is one that includes your regular set of tools, as well as a few other items you might need: a bottle opener or corkscrew, toothpick and tweezers. You don't want to go on a manhunt for a wine bottle opener when you desire to dig into that bottle of delicious vintage red. And when a screaming child picks up a splinter on the boardwalk, you will be thankful you threw your multi-tool in the suitcase.

A mini multi-tool is an incredibly versatile device. While it is great for camping trips, it is also incredibly useful for many day-to-day needs. Let Sears be your guide to picking out the perfect mini multi-tool for you.

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